How to display Login wise data in whole application?

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How to display Login wise data in whole application using sqlite database?

I make database for signup and login, i authenticate when user is enter email and password in signup form then and then he/she login. Now i want to display userwise data in application means eg. user A and user B, if user A login and enter the data in database then only user A is show his/her entered data not user B. Same way user B is enter data in database then and then only user B show his/her entered data. i have signup,login,account,expense,income tables. In short i want to display user wise...


After login is authorized, you can save the user id to SharedPreferences, and then call your queries...

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Extracting data

QUESTION: Thanks for your help I finally managed to make all the changes and now it's working fine. Could you please help me so that when the user clicks the button it opens the file automatically using a file location rather than "FD" File...


Srinivasa, Thank you for the more thorough explanation. I will study tomorrow and try to offer a solution...

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Visual Basic 6.0 Program/Code for a Data Calculating Program

I do calculations manually at work for the data I get out of the machine I work with. However, it gets pretty tedious and I feel it would be a lot more efficient/productive if I somehow made a program to do the calculations for me. I have visual basic...


Hi kristalys-ga, You can download the VB6 project from [

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Why wouldn't you store granular web app usage data in your application's database?

Paraphrasing Hiten Shah and others, they state that, in your web app database, you should treat your customers' usage events with almost as much importance as you would your transactions. By this, I believe he means that, in the same way as you'd want...


I can think of a few reasons: Such granular tracking would likely take up far more storage than every...

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I want to create local web application?

I want to create a local web application like modem configuration page or google desktop search result display in browser. but not the same. want to create application with following features 1. install and work in local system 2. web based application...


WAMP makes me sick :( it should be LAMP :) (linux, apache, mysql, PHP - all are open source and linux...

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Advice sought: platform for low traffic, interactive, data driven web

I've been out of the web dev loop for a while but am aware of (but have little practical experience with) various new platforms and packages from a design/technological architecture standpoint. I have two needs: a personal/professional home page and...


Laravel might be worth a look.

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My VB application's display lost but actually it is in process....why???

Hello friends, I facing problem with my VB application which uses MSCOMM control for transferring data.Application work nice until it is disturbed(when trying to open another application or clicking outside form).If it is disturbed,application looks...


Try also a DoEvents command where you were refreshing the form, maybe it helps

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What is the best way to display a table of data in Android?

I'm working on an Android application. My goal is to display a table of data (10 cols, 20 rows), with horizontal and vertical headers. The data will probably extend off the screen in one or more directions. What is the best widget or combination of widgets...


Hi, Use TableLayout Here's a good example on how to populate table...

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I cant login, any ideas???

Schist.exe - Application Error The instructions at “0x7564582f” referenced memory at “0x7564582f”. The required data was not placed into memory because of an I/O error status of “0xc000009c” Click on OK to terminate...


The I/O error status code indicates a probable sector failure on your hard drive. Get into safe mode...

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Have a problem with Multiselect mode in Oracle 10g express edition in Application builder.?

I am using application builder in oracle 10g express. I want multiselect type of displaying the list of product_id(primary key). Other attributes of the ACQUISITION table is acquisition_no, quantity_on_hand, and date_requested. And I used Select QUERY...


The complexity of this question made by brain collapse into anti-matter particles.

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