How to embed a video using URL?

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how can i embed youtube video to editor

how can i embed youtube video to my site using URL, not embed code, i dont want to use iframe. is there any script in php? i want to paste youtube URL in my editor and play it. and also, i need a script to cut a short text (teaser) at the end of a text, for example dot. not just like this is a short news i pas... i want to be this is a short news i paste here... i use mb_str function


You can embed without iframes like this: <object width="516" height="387">...

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How To Embed Zshare Video When The Embed Code Doesn't Appear?

Hi, I stumbled upon a site, which showing the tv shows that I like. The site is using the Zshare file and it seems that the file don't have embed option. To be exact, this is the url of the site that I'm talking about:


On the… simply click on add to your website on the top...

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How can I embed video I host on idisk on my 360 blog using OSX?

I have no problem embedding video using a the apple safari browser and embed code provided by youtube. I have created flash movies that I store on my idisk and can link to in a browser window and they stream properly. However, when I attempt to embed...


In the first place anything created on a Mac will not respond on a PC if you are using Apple tools or...

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Given a url to a webpage which embeds a video (similar to youtube) how can I write an API (in any language) to send a request (http or any other) and find if the video is valid/broken (maybe by using return codes for the video stream) without actually visiting the page?

For example: A video might be removed for various reasons after adding..(like copyright issues/removed by user etc), without actually visiting this URL but by just having the link, is it possible to write an API using the http return codes to find out...


If the URL actually returns an error code (such as 401, 404, etc.) you could use the HTTP HEAD to determine...

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How can i download a video from its URL or its embed code from the site videoweed?

how can i download a video from its URL or its embed code from the site videoweed i tried a couple websites and it said it was unknown provider or something like that


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Where can I get an embed code for my video without using youtube?

I want to post a video on my website with an embed code. I don't want to use youtube though. Is there a site or something I can use to get an embed code? Thanks


Pick the media player from this site. If you enter the path data correctly, you'll be able to test it...

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Cannot play video when using file:///.../embed.html to access the file?

when i open a embeded html by using file:///.../embed.html, it cannot get data, but if i use http://.../embed.html, it works! i don't know why. i use the same file for this testing, the paths are exactly the same.


When you use file:///.../embed.html, this file is searched on the local system. This code will work...

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How do i disable the url and embed code on a youtube video put on myspace?

i dont want the url and embed code option to be there.


Okey, pls view this guide :) How to post Flash video onto your blog? In order to post your favorite...

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How do I embed video onto my site. I am using Yahoo Page Builder and would like to add a youtube video.?

I am trying to add a youtube video or a video from to my yahoo/geocities page. How do I do this with yahoo page builder.


use this code <embed src="the source file address">

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Is there any way to find the specific URL for a video or photo using Google+?

In other words I want to send people to the specific video or image inside Google Plus, also I want to embed some of them in blogs and websites. Anyone know how to do it?  They are not giving any obvious URLs or Embed codes.


Right click on the photo in your stream, and click open image in new tab (Chrome)You can also embed...

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