How to play video Using Url On Android?

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Native VIdeo player in android?

In android for an application if you need to open any link default we can launch it in browser instead of load it in WebView, similarly if i want to play the video , i have the video URL , how can i play it in default video player of android , instead of using VideoView. If any one know means help me out? Thanks.


Use this to play video without using VideoView.. Intent intent = new Intent(android.content.Intent.ACTION...

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I am trying to play videos that are streaming from the Internet using Android MediaPlayer. When I use normal video URLs, it works fine but when I use YouTube URLs, it doesn't work. What is a solution to this?

This is my code  and when i tried to used rtsp it throws video server died error and error(100,0) and error (1, -2147483648).                                          MediaPlayer mediaPlayer; SurfaceHolder surfaceHolder; SurfaceView playerSurfaceView...


My guess would be that YouTube is iffy about letting anybody stream any video without permission. See...

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How do I play a video in Android with zero volume while simultaneously playing music using another MP3 player app at full volume?

Like we can play VLC player video and Mp3 in WMP simultaneously, with different volume settings. Is is possible.


Why is it that you said "(at least til now)"? Is there a method for doing this now? The reason...

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How can I play a video from a database using the HTML5 video element?

I need to play a video stored in database using html5 video player. I can play a file with absolute path but if I am giving the path for a url that is sending bits of video then nothing playing. To look at code please visit


you can base 64 encode the whole video content. btw your mp4 has a status 404 not found. http://www...

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I had the very same issue but quickly figured out that's it's the same for any video without an instant...

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No.  Javascript libraries make embedding/playing swf files easier for developers, but they still require...

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An Android browser that helps you save your favorite URL's for future use

I'm using Best Android Browser right now. I'm short in cash right now though. Browser for Android Phone happened. Remember, I believe Best Browser for Android has been a blessing. We'll take this time where things aren't going poorly. Best Browser for...


I think Puffin is the best Android browser. It is very fast and has a lot of additional features.

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Android phone being picky with video files

I'm trying to e-mail a couple of .mp4 videos to my girlfriend's LG G3 Android phone. The first one worked fine, but both of my attempts of the second video are apparently an "unsupported file type." I encoded the videos myself from QuickTime...


Are you using the stock video player app? If so, try MX Player. It generally supports more file times...

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Android won't load video all the way?

When I try stream online video using my Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V, if I pause the video and let the video load, it will only load abit and will only continue loading if I continuously play the video. Is there anyway where I can pause the video and let...


what streaming video app are you using? or website are you visiting? its likely something with the app...

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What is the best way to get videos to play on my website with just the url?

My website allows users to upload videos using sendspace's api. Sendspace returns a download url for the video. What is a good way to get this video url to play on my website. Please help


HTML5 supports video:  HTML5 Video. Otherwise, you'll need a Flash video player on a page that can pull...

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