How to fix my Xbox 360?

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Xbox 360

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How to fix xbox 360 nat type problem?

hi i have a big problem that is pissing me off lately my xbox 360 keeps putting on the nat type to strict no matter what! i need help on how to fix it please... also i use a gateway called thomsen or aka speedtouch it sends wireless N waves while i use...


dont know =/

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If i have xbox live gold on my Xbox one why dont I have gold on the same acount on the Xbox 360 how do I fix it help?

So I had gold on my Xbox 360 then it expired but then I renewed it got an Xbox one and I had it on there and my gold expired on my 360 but not the one


Explain in more detail please.

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How much should I charge to fix xbox 360 red ring of death?

How much should I charge for an x-clamp fix? How much should I charge for a "penny" fix? How much should I charge for a mix between the x-clamp fix and "penny" fix? Should I make them sign a contract stating that I am not responsible...


Make it a flat fee. I've personally fixed dozens of them and I've only had one person complain about...

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How do I fix 2 red rings on my xbox 360?

My xbox 360 (non Slim) was getting 2 red rings. It would only red ring when I played games that required a lot of power to run. So if I played Halo Reach it would crash after 15 mins. However it would work all day with out red ringing if I played games...


Send it back to microsoft. They can fix almost all the problems for xbox 360.

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One day i turned my XBOX 360 on and Three RED RIGHTS ON THE RING ON LIGHTS come on (lights 1 ,3,4), i had no AV Output so i didn't know that to do. i rang Microsoft they said $199 because i was out of warranty i said no way so i wanted to know how to...


send it back to microsoft and tell them to fix it

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How do I fix my xbox 360 slim's open tray problem?

(PLEASE, IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT XBOX 360 SLIM REPAIRS, I BEG YOU TO READ THE ENTIRE THING) I have had my xbox 360 slim for almost two years now. about a year and a half ago, i ringed a game by tripping on my xbox. (I know I know) the problem didn...


sounds like you need a new dvd drive you can purchase one yourself here

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How to fix xbox 360 disc drive saying disc is unreadable?

i just now updated my xbox 360 to the new update and it worked for a few hours but now all games start loading and then the xbox froze and i have to restart my xbox so then i opened my xbox up completely and still nothing anybody know how to fix my xbox...


I've had the exact same problem with mine call Microsoft and complain that's the only thing I can think...

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How to fix a broken Xbox 360?

Ok so ever sense the worrenty went up on my Xbox last year my Xbox has been nothing but trouble. First it started off as just being an open disc tray problem which i fixed by just blowing into the disc tray, but the problem returned a few months ago...


Go to this website: then look for: open tray error page

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How to fix overheating issue with Xbox 360?

I'm having an overheating issue with my Xbox 360 (1st and 3rd LED lights lit up). The Xbox will start up and run at the dashboard forever (slight exaggeration), but once I put a game in, it will run for a couple minutes and kick off with the overheating...


Well, I had the same xbox and problem. It would always freeze up in frame skips every hour and take...

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