How to get all the content of a page?

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How to get content of a web page (android)?

A web page: - 5 first seconds. It shows an advertisement picture. - After, its show main page. If I get content by common way. It only gets page content with advertisement. How to load main page content?


You'll need to scrape the advertisement page for the actual URL to the real page, and redirect there...

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How can I get a WordPress page content from another WordPress instance on a separate domain?

I have two WordPress instances. Both run the same version but have a different domain and currently on separate hosting. Is there a way to pull the content of a page on WP-A and display the content on a page on WP-B? Any plugins that can broadcast the...


Install this on the source domain: WordPress › JSON API " WordPress Plugins Write a custom...

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How do I get the content of a page to fit my monitor screen?

The content of my pages, email page, whatever is too wide for the monitor screen, information I cannot see, how do I adjust this?


press F11 on your keyboard or if doesnt work then manually adjust the page with the arrows with your...

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How do I get search engines (mainly Google) to rank my categories page higher than the actual content?

For exmaple. Searching Google for "" will yield the main page, followed up the categories(instead of questions/answers). How do I get a similar result for a website I'm developing?


Weight. You must have more weight on a category page than your content/product page. Weight can be generated...

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How can I get the HTML content of a Wikipedia Page (via Wikipedia API)?

i just want to get content (no link, no categories, no images...just text)


Are you talking the parsed version of the page as it appears when viewing articles, only minus any binaries...

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The best way is to search for it rather than browse for it: 1. Click Add Content. 2. Type keywords or...

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Python 3: Can I get a webpage header information without get page content?

I know that if I send a http request to some website, I will got http header information back and http content,  and I wonder if I can only get the header information without get content for  a low network speed. (using python3 language is  appreciate...


The easiest thing in Python is using the excellent Requests library: Requests: HTTP for Humans import...

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Why do I get an error message when I search for new content for my yahoo page?

I get the error message "We have run into a temporary problem retrieving your page, please try again later." When I try to search for new content for My Yahoo Page. I just more


Have you gotten a job yet?

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Why do Quora Boards lack a "More" button at the bottom of a page to get to more content?

I can see that content sort-of automatically appears as you scroll down a board. This is in stark contrast to how Quora has implemented the scrolling feature everywhere else; i.e., with the "More" button. Why the change?


This auto-paging feature just wasn't implemented before.  Kevin Der added it while working on Quora...

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If yahoo gives the option on one's home page to select content for the news flo I still get baseball which I h?

I dislike pro baseball and anything that has the name Kardashian in it and yet given the option to see less of this on the home page news flow, I still get inundated with it all day more


Hey there, Sorry to hear the Yahoo homepage personalization features aren't quite working out for you...

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