How to implement C callback function in Swift?

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Implementing a c function callback in Swift 2.0? - PR 8x

CFReadStreamSetClient has a C-function callback (CFReadStreamClientCallBack) in it's initializer, CFReadStreamClientCallback looks like this: typealias ...

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In JavaScript, how do you pass explicit arguments to a function from a function expression callback?

When I have a function that needs to wait, and not be executed during scanning, but has arguments that need to be specified beforehand, I run into this problem: <button id="myButton">Hello</button> function show(msg) { return...


You can use `Function.prototype.bind` in order to burn in those arguments without invoking the function...

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How can I implement an s-curve function in excel?

How can I implement an s-curve function in excel? I have some programming experience, but my maths is crap. I want a generic function to use to to effect a smooth transition between two numbers. Asigmoid funtion seem useful. I have read throught these...


I set up two columns, seems to work: A B 1 -6 | =1/(1+EXP(-A2)) 2 -5 | =1/(1+EXP(-A3)) ... (Fill down...

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In jQuery, I have a $(selector).each function with a $.get for each element.  I can use $(this) outside of the $.get function, but how do I access the parent object within the $.get callback?

e.g. $("span")each(function(){ $(this).html("sample"); $.get("page.php", function(data) { $(this).html(data); // doesn't work $(this).parent().html(data); // doesn't work }); });


I was actually able to follow this using: $("span")each(function(){ var self = $(this); ...

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How does one implement a universal hash function, and would this be feasible to use, for example, in a filesystem's dentry table?

In Exploiting Unix File-System Races via Algorithmic Complexity Attacks[1], a vulnerability is described which amounts to lengthening the time a call to access(2) or open(2) takes by generating a large number of hash collisions in the dentry table. In...


Ruby and Perl have random hash functions by default. Perl uses them when too many collisions are detected...

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What is a callback function?

Can you help me understand intuitively the concepts behind callback functions in JS or android/windows phone 8 programming?


As an analogy, it's sort of like giving your phone number to someone, and telling her to call you when...

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Assuming that both input and output are in digital form (input via ADC, and you can always use a DAC...

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Implement a Function WITHOUT Recursion in Java?

Implement this function WITHOUT recursion: (in Java5) f(x,y) = { x-y, x<0 || y<0 { f(x-1,y) + f(x, y-1), otherwise the Recursive Solution is something like this, if it helps: public int f(int x, int y) { if(x<0 || y<0) { return x-y; } else...


First, some mathematical preliminaries, in the case that m and n >= 0: (1) We can show that f(m,...

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Implement A' using Nand or Nor function?

Implement A' using Nand or Nor function draw logic diagram too Note: I know its an easy question but I am confused currently


NAND : 2 inputs input1 : A input2 : B output: (AB)' so if you want A' , just use A as input for input...

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How do I implement a search function in Excel (2010) using VBA?

I'm looking for help with excel. I want to implement a search function in excel. I've already done up the front end (it's a command button that produces a pop-up form, more



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