How to implement chat application in C# MVC?

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c# mvc jquery live chat - Stack Overflow

i want to create a server-based chat application. i have been reading articles on how they do it but i am somehow not satisfied on how they do it. ... chat. Stack ...

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Which is better for my requirements - ASP.NET webforms or ASP.NET MVC?

I will build a web application, and since I'm an ASP.NET developer, I have pondered the question of webforms vs ASP.NET MVC. Please advise which is better, considering the app will feature: - User profiles, user rating system - 1 vs 1 text chats - 1...


MVC is a more natural way of developing a website. The original ASP.NET Web Forms is really a hack design...

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MVC Best Practices on Java or C#?

I need help understanding the best practices of MVC architecture implementation. I'm a Java and C# programmer. I know the basic of MVC. But i'm sorta confused on how to implement it. I know how to make a simple MVC based calculator. But here's the thing...


I typically make a model for what is in the table. In the Java web application world the JSP would be...

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Can anybody help me in building an interactive chat application in Python?

I am planning to build a dating website for my course project. The idea is to have users fill a form and then an algorithm would match users based on the attributes they entered in the form. After initial match, both parties can chat anonymously for...


You should try this  Using WebSockets on Heroku with Python Python socket - chat server and client with...

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.NET Framework: How do you implement the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern for a desktop application in C#?

I am mainly developing web applications using Yii framework. Now I have a C# desktop application project, and I am a little bit confused how to separate model, business, view logics in desktop appilcation. Is there any additional library (framework)...


For a desktop app, WPF  nicely abstracts the MVC pattern for you. You use XAML for Views, Data binding...

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Java Swing implementation is the best example. Please see

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Mvc is a concept, you can archive combining facade pattern with some factory patyern and you will need...

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What steps should I take to create a sentiment analysis web application using Twitter?

I am planning to create a sentiment analysis engine but after searching lots of blogs/technical papers/articles I am still confused about how to create this project. The following are my concerns: Data mining problem: found out that data (tweets) for...


Please can i use NLTK for sentiment analysis ... You must be signed in to read this answer.Continue...

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Is MongoDB good for chat implementation?

I'm trying to implement a chat application. Is it optimal to use MongoDB? Should I use MySQL or other database systems? Do I get any performance benefit in my chat application if I use MongoDB?


(via a2a) There are chat clients, and there are chat servers. In both cases, depending on your requirements...

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What technology stack to use for a basic ERP implemented as a web application (and other concerns)?

Hello good folks! I am taking up a small-scale freelance project and need some help from experienced developers. My background: I have decent experience with Core Java in the past but have been working in C++ for the last 2 years. I have received training...


In my opinion: If you want to avoid HTML-like languages, and Java, then you have limited choices for...

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