Is it possible to develop iPhone application using C#?

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Using C# we can develop application for Android and Iphone?

Nowadays, every body speaking about Android and iPhone, I think popularity of those operation systems.


You are looking for the stuff that is made by Xamarin. It's not for free, but it does what you are asking...

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No it is not possible to develop iPhone applications on anything other than an Intel based Mac as the...

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Can I build a native-looking iPhone web app using Ruby on Rails?

I would like to rapidly develop a prototype of my iPhone application. Many people tout the rapid-nature and simplicity of learning Ruby to create great web applications. Can I develop a mobile web application using Ruby development skills? (Note: I have...


There are a number of wrappers including: Phone Gap : Titanium Mobile : http:/...

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Is it possible identifying just an ID or username of near devices (iPhone) which the owners minimized the application using "bluetooth function" although the devices cannot send any data to each other?

First of all, I wanna make a special iphone application that enables listing near (about in 30 feet) people who installed the application although they minimized to the background of iphone. For that purpose, I wonder whether it would works good using...


Take a look at the bump SDK that uses GPS and Bluetooth to find iPhone's close to each other.

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Using Wikipedia content and photos in an iPhone application

Using Wikipedia content and photos in an iPhone application. How to proceed? I've started an iPhone application, it's a location specific reference, and I'd like to use both info and photos from Wikipedia in addition to my own content. My questions related...


In general you are free to re-use Wikipedia content (except that which is copyrighted by others and...

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I am using facebook for iphone application.?

I am using facebook for iphone application.but it seems that if i post or comment something on it,it doesnt show comment via facebook for iphone.why??


i doesn't say that any more it just says from mobile now

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Who can help me develop the worlds most profitable iphone application?

i have an epic idea for iphone/ipod touch application. i know that anyone who owned an iphone or touch would buy this app in less than a heartbeat. easily in the millions of dollars more


Lots of people think up the same "original" idea, but few follow through and make it a reality...

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I would like to develop a 2D CAD application using .NET Framework WinForms or WPF, can you give me some architectural advices, how to structure the application or recommend some books?

I'm not looking to design something extremely complicated, I want to do this just for practice, to get myself familiarized with this kind of application.


I did something not too dissimilar. It was an application for a graphics modeler and engine, with the...

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How can a non-technical person develop and build an iPhone application?

How can a non-techie person, someone who does not have a background in software tools and applications, get to design, build and create an iPhone application?


It's a broad question that depends largely on the scope of the project. For a small/information centric...

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