How to install a radio in a 99 Honda Civic?

Let’s learn how to install a radio in a 99 Honda Civic. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Where can find a hookup for a radio 99 Honda civic and the adapter needed to install a new unit? ?

My daughter has bought and had someone that did not know what they were doing install a new cd player in her car. The biggest problem is that there is no memory wire so when she cuts the engine off the radio looses all its stations. I was told with the...


easiest place to shop and find what you need would be

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Is it possible in a 99 Honda Civic to have the keyless entry work if I remove the stock radio?

I want to put in my pioneer cd player since it plays mp3 cd's, as well as my amp and sub. However, I noticed the anti-theft light is in the factory radio. I heard 96-98 civics had a problem, but not sure about 99's....I just bought the car, so I'm not...


I Dont THink So. I Have A Friend With the same model and he dosent have that problem..

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Can i install a radio to a honda s2000 cr?

im just curious, if i got a honda s2000 CR, is it possible that i can install a radio system to it? cause the s2000 cr doesnt come with a radio.


buy the radio of your choice and ask the ppl that work there if they have the honda adapter. the adapter...

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I Have a 1998 honda civic and i want to install a key less entry. But i have an aftermarket radio can it work ?

On the Honda web site, it says all honda civics come standard with a key less entry Receiver built in the stock radio. But i have a pioneer BT100 Radio in my car. So can i still do it with out having to buy a Receiver ?


you could check this out on this…

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How to install power door locks on 99 honda civic?

Anyone got step by step instructions or web site on what parts to buy or how to install the OEM remote keyless entry (power door locks) for 99 honda civic hatchback DX ? Thanks.


It's cheaper to just buy a newer vehicle.

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Are there any coupon codes for METRA Ltd 99-5720 1997 ford Escort Radio Install Kit

Where can I find a coupon code for METRA Ltd 99-5720 1997 ford Escort Radio Install Kit


You can buy this product from amazon at cheap prices. Metra 99-5720 Dash Kit For Escort/Tracer 97-0...

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Subwoofer install on stock honda accord radio?

How do u install subwoofers on a stock 06 honda accord radio? i have an amp and speakers installed in the back... but how do i hook up the sup with a diff. amp?


Most stereo shops sell a line level converter. That allows you to convert the rear speaker wires into...

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How do you install a radio in a honda civic 1995?

I have a dual xd1222 radio and I want to install it in a 95 honda civic. How would I do this?


basic job ez but make sure u fallow the wire color colorizations dont mix them to install radio,ca rkit...

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How do I correctly install a radio into a 95 honda accord without a wiring harness?

I cut the wires where the wiring harness is normally attached, but every time I install a radio that is supposed to work, it doesn't. Not sure if it's the car or the radio. Can anyone help?


just find this for you hope it could help.

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How do i install subs and amp to a 2001 honda civic coupe factory radio?

i have a 2001 honda civic coup and it has a factory radio i just bought some subs and amp, i have the wires to hook everything up but is that all i need is just wires? like in back of radio is that were i will just wire the speaker wires to also i heard...


you are goin to need a high/low CONVERTER .. that converts the RCA jacks to speaker wire for sound....

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