How to know when you need a new top end?

Let’s learn how to know when you need a new top end. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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how to tell if u need a new top-end? - Yamaha ATV Forum

if it feels easy to kick over, hard to start, or feels low on power then you need a new topend _____ www.myspace ... how do you know when you need a new top end,

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How do i know if i need a top end rebuild on my 2000 cr250?

i hadent ridden my cr250 in a while so i thought id better take it out to keep it moving, i didnt have heaps of 2 stroke oil left so when i mixed it im sure it was gonna run real lean, i went up and down the street and the rear wheel locked up i pulled...


Sounds like you froze it up because the lack of oil. If its frozen, you wont be able to turn the motor...

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It will have less compression, be harder to start and will have less bottom end power. It may also make...

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You know how people rig decks of cards and they end up telling a story well I need help!!!?

Ive seen magicians pre set decks of cards to where they tell a story and when they flip the cards they cards like act out the storie well I want to know how to do that. Any help? I guess if you dont know what im talking about the easiest way to put it...


they tell the story to distract you from what they're really doing. i guess it worked for you, huh?

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I have a bmw 318i convertible I need 2 know what parts will fit it need new front end?

Will a 1996 bmw 318i 4 doors front from wheels on fit my 1996 319i convertible? how about a 1995 BMW 318i Sport Package 2 door?


only a convertible front end will fit on your car, including fenders and doors

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I need to write a newspaper article on On the Sidewalk Bleeding&I dont know what to write/how to start/end it?

I have to write a newspaper article on the story On the Sidewalk Bleeding. If you haven't read it here's the link: It's a really good story. Here's the instructions: "NEWSPAPER ASSIGNMENT It is the morning...


Teenager fatally stabbed Last evening a sixteen years old teenager, Andy, was fatally stabbed in public...

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Will bella and edward get back to gether in new moon in the end ?? i need to know please answer?

i wanna gnow will thay get to gether in the end of new moon ??


lol just keep reading.. but really, do you think there would be 2 other books after new moon if they...

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Going to LA next week-end, Which are the new hot spots i need to know about?

I would like to know which are the trendiest restaurants, bars, shopping malls, shoping streets, tnihgs to do, shows to see, events, etc, etc, please letme know! THANKS!!!!


Robertson Blvd. There are tons of restaurants to eat and stores to shop. As for the night life, Pine...

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Writing a story need to know how to start it/end it (please read)?

ive got a few different idea I want it to be the narrators story so should I start it off like two people in a room and the narrator is telling the story to the person and then go into the story? (if I do that how will I make it switch over into the...


You start it off like they do in the book "Their Eyes Were Watching God", where the main character...

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I need help with an essay in AP world history, i dont know how to start or end or nothing?

Prompt : analyze the cultural and political changes and continuites in rome during the last century of the classical era 100 CE to 600 CE do you know any changes or continuities or any place were i can find some please help im in need of your help !...


Christianization also Constantine the Great, Council of Nicea 323-325 C.E. Good luck!

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