How will i know if i need a outdoor antenna for hdtv?

Let’s learn how will i know if i need a outdoor antenna for hdtv. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I also have cable service. This need is do to Fox dropping cablevision and I will need to see the Yankees win the World Series! :)


I have cablevision they suck. If you have a hd tv go buy a rabbit ear antenna and you will get fox and...

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There are no "good" indoor antennas. The best you can do is luck out and buy one that isn...

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Do I need any converter box for my HDTV antenna for use with my HDTV?

I have a Samsung 32" HDTV, which apparently has a built-in HD tuner. I just bought an 'HDTV' antenna for it (I know 'HDTV antenna' is an oxymoron). I connected the antenna and get some channels, but do not see any HD channels (I do see a very snowy...


It's almost unbelievable to me but virtually everyone is giving you bad advice. If your TV is a HD set...

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I need advice on a Indoor Antenna for a HDTV to get stations a little further away.?

I get good reception of local stations and even some around 75 miles away, I do not need cable, I use an inside antenna. I just bought a HDTV and want to know what is the best inside antenna to try to get stations that are a little distant. Also, is...


It's always BEST to get an amplified antenna... If you get some stations 75 miles away with your present...

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I want to replace my cable with a HDTV Antenna?

I am looking at dropping my cable (to save some money). I am considering replacing the cable with a HDTV antenna but I do not know if I would need converter box or something like a DVR? On the one hand I can see having the antenna only - but that would...


All TV antennas are "HDTV" antennas, even 30 year old ones. The type of antenna you need depends...

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When getting HDTV reception over an antenna....?

If you can revieve HDTV over an antenna, yet RF cables as far as I know can not support HD resoulution, how do you get HDTV over the air? Do you need a special antenna that has HDTV output? Is there one with an HDMI or Component output?


Actually, as long as your have an HD receiver, you don't need any "special" antenna. You can...

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Still need a DTV converter after having a HDTV antenna?

I had this HDTV antenna from radioshack for 4 years now.… I want to know if i have to purchase a converter box. Please, only answer if you truly know what you are talking about. Apropos, I live in the south...


There is no such thing as an HDTV antenna. What that and others marketed as "HDTV" antennae...

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Help, need tuner for my HDTV ready TV 30PW850H Philips?

Hi, Would like to know what hardware would be the best for the money to get local analog and HDTV / public air channels. I have a Philips 30PW850H HDTV ready TV with no built in tuner. I don't care for too many bells and whistles, just want to view off...


Based on the specifications for your HDTV model, here is what I recommend. I hope this sticks into your...

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What kind of antenna do I need to get over-the-air HDTV channels in Palo Alto?

I feel like I've tried everything, and nothing seems to work.  AntennaWeb suggests that I should be able to get a bunch of channels from San Francisco within 30 miles (Like  I've tried all three flavors of thin indoor antenna from Amazon...


Yes, always go for an outdoor antenna... Maybe your walls have chicken wire in them. Or just get basic...

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Do i need a expensive HD antenna for my 1080P HDTV (it has a built in digital tuner)?

I ordered a TV online and I havent got it yet. The TV i bought has a Built-in digital tuner: (ATSC/NTSC/Clear-QAM) Can anyone tell me what kind of antenna i will need to watch local Over the air channels.? I went to and it said i need...


If your local TV transmitters are more than 20 miles away, an outdoor antenna would be best. Second...

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