How to make a fast mini sailboat?

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Can you give me a link to "how to make world's best mini sailboat" or something like that?

i need to know for camp. nothing complicated and outta wood or cardboard


Try Also 2"x3" pieces of balsa wood with drinking straws for masts and construction...

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How can i make a fast, lightweight, floatable mini sailboat out of wood?

I can cover the actual carving part but I need to know a lightweight, floatable wood and how the sails should be. what's gonna happen in the race is the boats will go in a gutter and a fan will push the boats through the "racecourse" BALSA...


I hate to see a sailing question go unanswered. Try these links for more info: Good luck, sounds like...

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1. Cut the bottle in half lengthways. Use the hot glue to seal the lid on tightly (cut around the lid...

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My boyfriend keeps telling me that I should make my 12 year old wear make up and mini skirts. Should I?

We've been dating for 2 months and I really love him and value his opinion. He's great with my kids and he buys my daughter things all the time. But the thing is, I'm starting to feel uncomfortable with the attention and gifts he's giving my daughter...


While I agree with the others that this guy is a creep and a pervert, I am going to go a little further...

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How to make Mini Display Port to VGA default display on Mac Mini running Mountain Lion?

I have a Mac Mini mid 2011 running Lion, till yesterday I was using it with a VGA monitor using Mini Display port to VGA adaptor. Then I decided to upgrade to Mountain Lion and after rebooting there was no display. Tried resetting NVRAM as well to no...


My initial guess is that your display resolution is set to something your VGA cannot display - perhaps...

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How do you make mini 3D origami roses ? Extra: If possible, mini bead sculptures?

Does anyone knows where I can learn, or if you know: how to make mini origami roses, kind of like the mini 3D star but just, roses. Very cute! Extra: If anyone does knows, where more


I know of two origami rose models. Here are their diagrams: 1) the kawasaki rose (pdf)- http://www.josephwu...

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What add ons are there for a mini one 2003 model to make the car quicker?

Hi I have got a mini one and have always wanted some more speed. Knowing that the mini one and cooper are the same apart from the wheels and exhaust and tuning, I went out and bought 17" cooper S wheels and bluefin to tune it to the same BHP as...


Someone at the back pushing it?

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Can I make a regular mini cooper similiar to a mini cooper S?

Can i get a 03 mini cooper to perform just as well as a mini cooper s. if so please tell me what I can buy.


If you are talking about horsepower: Not without massive amounts of money. You can take a Cooper S,...

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How do I make make mini clipboards?

how do I make those little mini clip boards that are about the size of a buisness card? they are cute but I dont know how to make them. and I dont want to buy one cause they are about 15 dollars! if you know how to make those little clipboards then please...


I checked a few sites and came up with nothing. But. . Have you seen the new notebooks out, that have...

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I have made lots of whistles and they take some work before they dry. They need to toot then or never...

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