How to make a new MSN screen name?

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how to make a new msn screen name? | Yahoo Answers

Does anyone know how to make a new msn screen name for MSN MESSENGER?? please if you can, ... New Zealand; Philippines; Quebec; Singapore; Taiwan; Hong ...

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How do i make a screen name on msn?

so i want to make an msn screen name...but idk how. i also want to kno if you need to have an icon on your desktop to accessit, or if all you need is to log on from a website any more


u can get a new screen name from here: and download the...

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How to make your screen name on msn appear bold , it wont work?

okay , i habe just downloaded the newest version of msn as i wanted to make my display coloured / bold and italic , how do you do this as mine and other people display names come up more


You need MSN Plus, and only people who have MSN Plus can see it.

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How do you make the copyright symbol to put on ur msn messenger screen name?

i want to put the copyright symbol on my msn


© = alt + 0169 ok☺☻

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Help me make a screen name for MSN?

Hey people, My name is patrick and I want a MSN screen name along the lines of deviance, Like "Paddy, the master of deviance" But I want something shorter and cooler, more


When you're ready thinking of a name.. put it through the messletters generator (http://www.messletters...

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Is it possible to make a G-Mail Account into an MSN messenger screen name?

I am tired of all the punks from old websites that I have grown out of finding me on MSN. I am tired of annoying, whiny people I don't even think about contacting me. But I swear, more


Go to MSN Passport site....and create any account of your choice...provided its can...

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I don't think you can do that. You can only change the text and background colour. (And that's with...

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Can someone make me a good screen-name for MSN please? ?

im called emma, my bf is called david, if possible could the date 29.7.2008 be included. im 15 best answer to best name =]


(*)..EmMa..(L)..DaViD..(*)..29~07~08..(*... just copy and paste that, you should get stars and a heart...

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