How to make a personal copy of my blog?

Let’s learn how to make a personal copy of my blog. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can I make a file copy of my entire Yahoo 360* Blog site?

I want to copy and save my Yahoo 360* Blog site pages/entries to a file in my computer. Can this be done? In case Yahoo discontinues the 360* Blogs.


There is no built-in transfer tool for 360, so you will have to do it manually - one piece of content...

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How to make someone can't copy any content in blog?

hi . i want to ask .. how to make visitors can't copy any content in my blog (im blogger user ) .. i panic when i see my photo in my blog was copied by visitors ! please help ! i don't want my photo will be appear in internet ..


Sorry, it is not possible. Anything on the internet can be copied.

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How do I make it hard for visitors to copy/paste a blog page and/or disable right-click?

While I'm quite happy for people to copy/paste in general, I'd like to make it less easy or downright impossible for certain web pages that I plan to create. Is it very complicated to achieve this on Google's Blogger?


Making it "downright impossible" is downright impossible. Even if you disable the right click...

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In internet maneitkrg business, one must treat it like any conventional business, need patience and...

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When I've tried to just copy (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+v) into my blog, I've had problems with all kinds...

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If i make a Blog and copy tech stories from other sites but ..?

If i put the website as a source at the end of articles, am i aloud to do that?


As long as you "attribute" the information, you are very much allowed.

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What is the most time efficient way to make a translated copy of a big blog oriented website?

I'm not looking for a very accurate translation, that is why a tool is my most expected answer. Another information that might be useful is that I only want to translate from Romanian to English, not any other languages.


the most time efficient way is probalby to copy & paste your text into the input mask of Google...

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Tonight I'm gonna blog like it's 1993

What blog/CMS software would you recommend that doesn't rely on MySQL or another database backend? So, I finally broke down and bought a vanity domain for myself, and I want to set up a small site there, just to provide occasional updates to my friends...


Tiddlywiki might be worth a look.

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How to prevent someone from duplicating blog?

I have serious problem will people keep copy and paste the exact copy of my blog contents that make my blog like a replica blog instead of genuine. Now i want help from some blogging experts or webprogrammer to tell me the following: 1. How to disable...


The short answer is to send DMCA takedown notices to the hosts of the replica blogs. You cannot stop...

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What Should I Do To Make My Blog Grow And Kick More Ass Even Though I Have No Free Time?

Tips on how to keep a blog's potential growing when your available time is shrinking... Okay, so a lot of you guys already know about HiddenLA. I created it 4 months ago when I was unemployed. I had time to update it 2-5 times a day and worked really...


First, congrats for your site. There is a lot of stuff and a lot of work in it. But I don't see people...

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