How to make dough that works good for trout?

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put garlic powder in it.

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What trout dough color works for you and how do you rig it?

I just got back from fishing at one of my local lakes in Ontario Calif. (Cucamonga Guasti Park) I had a skunk all day, but the guy and his kids on the other side of the lake pulled more


the ranbow lookin color then you just molod it on to your hook goooo gett em

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Help me make rye rue the day.

I wish to be schooled on how rye works in doughs, specifically noodle doughs…more specifically, ramen noodle doughs. I make my own ramen noodles with great frequency, and i've been toying around with different flours of different protein and gluten levels...


I bake bread with rye flour routinely but have never made noodles, but I wonder if you have come across...

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Spend the Dough to Make it Go?

1. The truck's broke. 2. It would cost about half it's meager value to fix. 3. I'm ready for a new vehicle. So, do I........? A. Fix truck and sell it? (on paper, makes sense, but worth the hassle?) B. Have it towed home and try to sell it as is? (do...


Twelve hundred for a clutch sounds a little rich to me. Even if that's right, though, if the damn thing...

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How can I make a high-rising loaf of bread-machine bread?

I have a bread machine, and I use it fairly often because I love bread. But throughout my use of the machine (spanning several months and dozens of loaves), I've consistently had trouble getting dough to rise properly--it rises less than I'd like maybe...


Thanks for asking! I agree with colleague Pinkfreud that handmade, homemade bread is wonderful, however...

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Does anyone have a tried and true recipe for ham and white bean soup?

My white bean soup is a bit boring and I was hoping someone out there would have a really good recipe that they love. In exchange i offer you a couple of recipes: Cheese and Broccoli Soup 1 whole Onion, Diced 1 stick 1/2 Cup Butter ⅓ cups Flour...


good day, certified chef for over 30 years.. Here goes-saute-one diced, 3-4 diced celery, 2 lg carrots...

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What is the purpose of folding/toweling my no-knead bread?

What is the purpose of folding and covering my no-knead bread with a towel? I'm talking about the No-knead bread recipe, as mentioned on this post: ( So the instructions on all of the no...


1. After the first rise, you want to de-gas the dough a little and re-activate the yeast to allow for...

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Which freezer bag works best?

I'm trying to be smarter about cooking and eating and I've tried to start freezing meals, bulk meat, veggies etc. The problem is it seems no matter what I use I still get ice crystals on my food. Is this normal? Please do not make fun of me I'm the absolute...


The Hefty and Ziploc bags are good bags to use. Rubbermaid bowls have good sealing lids and are good...

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Library Donations

Hi There! 1. This is a re-post for more dough. Many thanks go to easterangel, frde, and czh for their outstanding comments on my earlier question. 2. First, some background. Many years ago, I bought a VHS videotape for $5. Title was "Cooking with...


Dear nronronronro-ga; I?ll certainly be delighted to offer my suggestions. First, let me explain my...

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Naruto's ramen recipe? really i need help bad...?

ok i asked this once before and well it sucked ok so any naruto fans out there who now any ramen recipes all i got was off of Ramen from Scratch by Andrew Lynch Ingredients 2 cups flour 4 eggs Salt 1 T. water Oil for frying Preparation...


I don't think that you're being clear on what you want. Instead of printing a ton of recipes, why don...

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