How to make yourself popular on YouTube?

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How to make/become popular on Youtube?

How do i make and become popular on youtube. i am making videos on beauty & makeup and i really want my videos to be successful so i can become a youtube partner. How do i accomplish this?? Please help, best answer will get 10 pts!!! If you were watching these videos what would you like to see in them?? please leave suggestions below!


make you tube friend requests to as many people as possible. don't make your videos go for too long...

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How to make a video really popular on YouTube?

I have uploaded a few videos onto YouTube now, although I want all my videos to be popular there is one in particular that seems to be getting more popular very slowly.- Any ideas to make it popular?. thanks


These people have a video about how to get more views on youtube I think it's pretty helpful http:/...

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How to make Youtube Video's Popular?

How can i make my youtube video popular and with more views? the prob it i help/show peeps computer stuff and that, and i use a recording system called Camstudio which records the whole screen. 30 seconds of recording time can be up to 1 GB. So i got...


One thing that helps boost popularity is unique names. :)

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How do i make my Youtube channel popular?

I wanna make it popular or atleast have alot of views. But its not working lol. How can i make it popular. I make lyrics on the videos ;) Heres my channel: more


write your youtube profiel address on 100,000 pieces of paper. Take 5 weeks of helicopter lessons. Learn...

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How to make my Youtube Channel Popular?

Okay so I made my youtube channel on January the 9th (2012) and I'm doing lyric videos, I made 23 lyric videos so far, and I only have 26 subscribers :( and 35,000 video views .... Things I made to try and get more subscribers: I put lots of tags I advertise...


Advertise them on peoples channels,videos,share your videos,etc.

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How do I make my videos on YouTube more popular?

I've been making videos for some time and I haven't gotten any more popular. I want to know how I can make them more popular. Kayyythanksies:D (please excuse the name, I made it a long time ago)


Maybe promote them on popular social networking sites? From which if they are really good they will...

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How do i make my youtube more popular?(For Free)?

Me and my friend have a youtube page together and i was wondering if you have any advidce on how to make it more popular (Btw we have only had the page for 4 days) here is our link:


Hi, I am glad you have a youtube channel and you should do the following steps : 1.- Upload videos frequently...

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How to make my YouTube channel popular?

Hi, my YouTube channel is and we have had some difficulties obtaining views and subscribers. I just wanted some tips on how to make it more popular than what it already is. Thanks!


Post stuff everyone likes

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How to make my youtube channel more popular?

I just got a new youtube and i put up a video. How can I make my page popular though? Here's the channel. :P Give me tips PLEASE! :D more


make it more YOU! costumize it to who U r! if you are in love with something then,post it on ur channel...

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How can you make YouTube videos popular/famous or have high views? How do people do this?

I have an idea for a video I'm going to upload over the next few weeks and I'm hoping to put it on YouTube and make it popular - problem is I don't know how videos become more


post your video as a "video response" on a video in the most viewed section or post a video...

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