How to paste a line at a time?

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How do you paste code 'one line at a time' in the command line?

I'm trying to make a wifi driver work and the instructions say to paste the code one line at a time. Does this mean hit enter after each line? How do I move down a line? When I paste the first line and hit enter, I get: Unable to locate package. I am trying to enter four lines of text to make the code work: sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-`uname -r` cd Downloads/rtl8187L_linux_1041.0209.2012 make sudo make install Sorry but I couldn't find any explanation for how to do this...


In order to install the necessary prequisites, build-essential amd linx-headers-uname -r it is necessary...

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On line copy and paste jobs are good to work as a part time work?

which is the best and honest company which will provoide online jobs(copy and paste)


One of the way to earn money online is creating and distributing your own Toolbar with online Radio...

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Copy & paste using vba

QUESTION: I have 3 different workbooks open. Workbook 3 contains the macro I want to run. The other 2 workbooks have wild card characters in the name since it changes every week/month. I am trying to copy and paste from "*Book MK*" to "...


Bert, so I will assume that I can paste to the first cell in column B that contains a zero. If not...

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Copy and paste usin vba

QUESTION: I had to post a new question because I used too many follow ups. To continue my problem: Your very first code copied the last two rows with data correctly from the source file and pasted it in the correct destination file. The problem is that...


Bert, I have updated the code (and tested it) to match on the time in column A. And I realize I had...

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How does one get Quora to respect line breaks in comments?

Over and over again, I will type a large amount of text as a comment, suitably broken manually into paragraphs by placing line breaks with returns (my style being to use a single line of space provided by two line breaks between the end of one paragraph...


This is driving me nuts. Using Mac OSX Lion 10.7.2 and Chrome 16.0.912.77 on 29 Jan 2012 and I can't...

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Vba to copy paste

QUESTION: I have seen here Damon's code but my requirement is bit different although almost similar: I have three workbooks book1, book2 and book3 in a folder called...


No, *I* am sorry for wasting your time! Apparently, my code does not work properly in the Thisworkbook...

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Lookup and copy/paste vba

QUESTION: I need to create a workbook that will look sales data up by the salesperson's name and return it in a single sheet. I have looked around the internet for a long time, and the best I could come up with still leaves me short. Basically, I want...


corrected code: (untested, but compiles) Test it on a copy of your workbook Sub CopyActivations()...

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Mac Clipboard Manager with "Paste and Remove from History"

I'm looking for a standalone clipboard manager for OSX that has LaunchBar's "Paste and Remove from History" functionality. With LaunchBar, I'm able to copy 3 items, and paste them into a separate page in reverse order (every time I hit CTRL...


You could try Flycut, which sounds like it'll do kind of what you want. It brings up a bezel with your...

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How do you space your about me section in and how could you hit enter and move to the next line?

could you make me a code that i could copy and paste on my about me and after each different thing i want it to move to the next line and space it into the middle. my names Jessica, but you can call me whatever[= I run track at my school.Its one of those...


you put <Center> at the beginning, and then you put <br> after whatever you want to start...

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Does cocaine lose its potency and change in texture over time?

*before I start, for any preachers out there that answer these questions like "your stupid" and "dont do this ****" and, but not limited to, "its bad for you; I want you to look at the website title again, which is yahoo answers...


man...calm down and find some better. Parents didn't told you do not take thinks from the ground? :D

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