How to delete a line from a .txt file in node.js?

Let’s learn how to delete a line from a .txt file in node.js. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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How to Remove a Line From a Text File at Specific Location ...

... we will see how to remove a line from a text ... remove a line from a text file at specific location in ... myFile.txt file and removes the 1st line from ...

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Visual Basic Macro to delete text at the end of files in a folder

Please help. I was shocked to discover that all of the files I am working with have corrupt text at the end. I have 500 .txt text files in folder c:\rules\. Each file is about 40MB. I wanted to manually delete the corrupt text, however it takes too...


Hi billbauer, Thank you for confirming the code works. I am glad I was able to help. The complete answer...

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Need To Sort A Text File in PHP And To Add 2 Functions Togther.

I have a text file that I want to be able to sort with php based on column heading. Text file is tab delimited. Also I want the ability to add what I'm deleting to a new file for archiving. Here's the code I have at this moment: ?> <table> ...


Hi sjw-ga, Thanks. Glad I can help. Code below: -------------------------------------- <table...

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C++ program

This program should be pretty straight forward for the average programming expert. Please keep the programs as simple as possible while keeping with the specifications. I will need two different working versions of both parts. Part I should be able to...


Hi bobty-ga, Since you are satisfied with the solutions for Part I and Part II of your question, I am...

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How can I fix my simple Java program?

Okay, I only need help with reading the file or case 1 in the switch. I am supposed to use a void method but I don't know what to put in the parameters or what to return? Help? import*; import java.util.*; import java.text.*; public class MP...


It might actually be less effort to learn how to program rather than reposting your question every ...

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Stuck in this java program for computer science class?

This is a project that tkaes in a txt file being: D:/Documentation/intro-prog-java/media… My holiday photo album blueMotorcycle.jpg, to buy beach-smaller.jpg, Honolulu church.jpg, Religion eiffel.jpg, Paris in the summer and prints it out in a...


Get NetBeans (very good IDE for beginners)... Step debug your class... You may see yourself what is...

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How to compare and merge a large number of text files?

How can I automatically compare and merge a large number of text files? Due to a series of technical snafus with Dropbox and Simplenote syncing, my main writing folder, which contains text files mostly in Markdown format, is all messed up. I have about...


Just wanted to chime in to say that whatever you do, make a backup copy of the entire folder *first...

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I feel like I'm in a very boring episode of Doctor Who

I'm having a weird problem with Dropbox, and googling is failing me because lots of people can't find their Dropbox files. But I can't find them in a very special and exciting way, involving differences between Finder and the command line. What am I...


Also, it really sounds like your direct access folder has become separate from your Finder folder. Are...

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Hello all I am facing a typical and a strange problem When i am typing & the in the address bar(ie8) it doesnt reply.This is not only happening on IE8 but also on google chrome. For other sites its working normal, For example...


In the search bar just type Facebook.....and leave off the'll get better results.........

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C++ programming: Segmentation fault reading object pointers from a vector?

I've been trying to get a program running for a class I'm in and I've been stuck on the same spot forever! I get a segmentation fault from the last line of the following code - Does anyone know why? I suppose I should also be adding "delete ap;...


The problem is that there are no elements in your vector, and you are calling the display function on...

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