How do you install a specific version of Node.js?

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How do I install the latest version of node.js?

How do I install node.js in Ubuntu? I've been looking around, and I can't find anything. Is there a Ubuntu package for node.js, or do I have to compile it myself?


You can use this node.js PPA: ppa:chris-lea/node.js (Click here for instructions on using PPAs.) If...

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How do I integrate Sass + Compass zurb-foundation 3 framework within express 3 nodejs app?

I want to integrate zurb-foundation within my nodejs express app. I'm not interested in just downloading the compiled CSS version as I want to utilize mixins, functions, and variables. I also know that their are stable Twitter bootstrap modules that...


Cd into your project Easy Version: Go to and use the command generated...

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Please help installing yahoo messenger. I had older version in past. I can download but it will not install.?

Having probs chatting because of older version of yahoo messenger I tried to upgrade to 7.5w/voice. I had to uninstall older version. Tried to install newer version but it will not install. It says it downloads but when clicking to install button, it...


Check the system requirements and find out if your Operating System is supported in the version you...

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I am in UK but I would like to install for US community version Why can't I install it without a Zip Code.

Recently I reinstalled my yahoo. But because I am in UK I had to install yahoo with BT Communicator. I am not used to this version. I prefered the old version which sounds simillar to the US version. Why can't I install the US version on my computer?


Make up a zip code (5digits). I always use 90210 when being forced to give a zip to US forms. You know...

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How to install Ubuntu Linux latest version Only on C: Drive ???????????? Help Fast?

Hi i am new to this ubuntu linux i want to install it on my pc but cant get it becoz it is too much confusing for me so can u tel me .... i am having a desktop using windows vista ultimate and i am eager to install ubuntu removing vista ultimate but...


1. and 2.) In most cases sda1 is what amounts to drive C, as it's usually the first partition on the...

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How to identify Visual C++ Install in Add/Remove and what version to install over it?

Hello, I seek a bit of experienced help. In the course of installing Dragon NaturallySpeaking v11, I received the following error: "The installation of Visual C++ 9.0 Runtime for Dragon Naturally Speaking has failed. Setup will now exit.”...


You need to see if you can find any sort of error log that would give an indication as to why the install...

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Installing FCP upgrade on new machine -- do I need to install regular version first before installing upgrade?

Hey, Switching all my software and everything over from a Mac G5 to a new iMac. I have the sealed version Final Cut Studio 3 (upgrade version). FCS2 on the old computer is being uninstalled. Here's my question. Do I have to first install FCS2 on my new...


All upgrades require and look for a full, previous, qualifying version of the software before allowing...

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Universal windows 7 dvd doesn't ask for what version to install?

i downloaded a windows 7 ultimate, after reading on internet that you can make a universal windows dvd which can install any version of windows(i wanted to install home basic) after removing eicfg file. i even removed the file with the help of eicfg...


Have you checked on the USB drive that the eicfg file has actually been deleted? If not you can delete...

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If I re install Firefox, will it be the new version?

My sister has the newer version of it, but I don't like it. And I'm afraid that if I re install it, will be automatically be the newer version. See, myspace for some reason, isn't working on Firefox for me, but it will on Internet Explorer. And everyone...


Just keep using internet explorer for myspace and firefox for everything else. I do that when a site...

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You cannot install 64bit over 32. there are too many different components. Clean install or 32 bit.

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