How to link inside a specific jquery tab?

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jQuery tabs: how to create a link to a specific tab?

I'm using a simple jQuery script for tabs: The JS: $(document).ready(function() { $(".tab-content").hide(); $("ul.tabs li:first").addClass("active").show(); $(".tab-content:first").show(); $("ul.tabs li").click(function() { $("ul.tabs li").removeClass("active"); $(this).addClass("active"); $(".tab-content").hide(); var activeTab = $(this).find("a").attr("href"); $(activeTab).show();...


In your document ready handler, you can examine the value of the fragment and use JavaScript to show...

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Google Analytics doesn't register events in IE if link opened in new tab

Is there any info on why Google Analytics doesn't register events in IE if the link is opened in a new tab? Google Analytics registers events in IE, unless it's a link opened in a new tab (either by CTRL+click or by right-click/"Open in new tab...


Is this for links to other places on your own site? If so, it sounds like IE isn't sending the same...

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bookmarklet for a random link in a new tab

In Firefox, how can I get my bookmarklet to open a link in a new tab? I'm looking for a bookmarklet that will open a random link on the current page, in a new tab. I found a couple of random link openers: javascript:void([Math...


take the '_self' bit off the first one, or change it to a different name. _self refers to the current...

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Using two jQuery link in the same page, is not working.?

Hello, I have a countdown plugin and another plugin for showing the video in HTML5. Both files use the same version it think (jquery-1.5.1.js) and all problems are related to the following link: Copy code <script src="


Hello, If I got your question right, you need to include the jQuery library first then use jQuery plugins...

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FACEBOOK: Home tab click Friends link, instead of showing Friends, shows "help you find your friends" suggestion list?

When on my Home tab, not Profile tab, I click Friends link on the left side. Instead of showing my list of Friends, it shows me "We'd like to help you find your friends" with Find People You Email, Suggestions, Search for People, and Find People...


Your list of friends only appears on your profile page, not your home page.

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If I open a link to a new tab, the new tab is active. I want the new tab to be in the background. Can it be?

Using IE 6.02... I like looking at a 'net forum and opening several topics at once to tabs, then reading thru them. The Yahoo Tabs default makes new tab ACTIVE, so I then have to switch back to the forum main page to open the next topic. In Firefox,...


All the open tabs should be active. Just click in the middle of the one you want up front and there...

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Which is more effective: JQuery + CSS for Tabbed Content or Create Unique Pages for each tab?

I am trying to determine the best way to structure our pages. Each general listing page has four sections of specific information. What is a better strategy for SEO: Using tabs (e.g. JQuery + CSS) and putting all content on one page (and will all of...


TiddlyWiki is pretty darn complex javascript, and Google indexes all the "tiddlers" in a tiddly...

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I opened a link into a new tab and window but am unable to open the pictures within the link. Any help?

My realtor sent me a link to look at houses. I am able to open the link if I choose to do so in another tab or window. However, I can't see the additional pictures of the houses that are offered nor can I choose to map it from that link. It's like it...


Contact your Realtor and tell him/her of your problem. He/she may have some suggestions for you.

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How do you link part of a sheet tab to an excel cell?

I have a file that has a few different worksheets. Each sheet tab is the same every month except that I need to add the month to it. For example, every month one tab is "Cash- February", another will be "Credit- February", etc. Is...


You can create a User Defined Formula to do this quite easily - it's not as scary as it sounds... Press...

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In Firefox, a new tab opens when clicking a link, rather than link opening in SAME tab or window. Help ?

For example, on MSN homepage (, I normally click on "Hotmail" and the hotmail sign-in screen appears in the same tab; thus, overriding the MSN homepage. Now, and more


OK, so you say you have checked your TAB options and have unchecked the "new tab" option,...

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