Will I be able to install a previous version of Windows Live Messenger?

Let’s learn will I be able to install a previous version of Windows Live Messenger. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can I re-install the older version of Windows Live Messenger?

I got a notification yesterday saying that I could update it, so I did. But this version is really different, harder to use and I don't like it. Is there a way to get the version ...show more


hello ❶try first to uninstall from the control panel ☇ Start ☇ control panel ...

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Why cant i install an older version of windows live messenger instead of windows live messenger beta?

i use to have windows live 9.0 (vista) then i updated to the beta version, but decided i don't want it, so i uninstalled it, tried to get an older version back, and now if i try and sign in, it tells me to upgrade to the beta version, is there a way...


There should be an option to say that you dont want to, or to remind you at a later date. Thats about...

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I can't install Windows Live Messenger AT ALL! HELP!?

Okay, so for you computer people out there, I have a problem. I just cleaned my hard drive and got rid of a bunch of stuff, including all of my messengers, MSN, AIM, yahoo and its components. okay, so THEN, I went on that one website to get windows live...


Hello Kristi- My name is Jeff and I work alongside the Windows Outreach Team. Try downloading Windows...

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Latest Version of Windows Live Messenger?

I've tried to download Windows Live Messenger on my computer. and I've had an older version. and i've heard other people have had the same problem. whenever i open the thing to log in it says something like: a newer version is available. you must install...


completely uninstall the previous versions on your computer and try re-installing... if this doesn't...

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I can not install the new windows live messenger 9 on my laptop?

I have an old version of windows live messenger and now i want to install the new version. After downloading the setup file, i go on to start the setup but then it says unable to install. Please can anyone help me? My laptop is an emachines d620 and...


Don't it the worst copy of live messenger in the world you need to download the lastest version which...

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Problem installing yahoo beta/Windows Live Messenger Version 8.0?

Well I already had the older version downloaded and then all of a sudden it didn't work. So I went to download the new version 8.0 windows live messenger, and it won't install for some reason. So it seems I can't get messenger back. What can I do?


What errors (if any) are you getting?

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Windows Live Messenger HELP PLEASE!?

Ok, so essetially a few weeks ago, i attempted to sign into windows live messenger and got the error code Error: 81000378, 'can not retrieve contact list at this time'. after having this problem for several days, i decided to uninstall then re-download...


put the error code on google and you'll find a good solution made by the people who made the program...

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Serious problem with windows live messenger 2009...help me plzzzzz...?

some days ago I installed last version windows live messenger 2009. I hadn't any problem with WLM 8.5 but I thought perhaps this new one will be better or faster in connection. but I faced with many problems. I installed it easy but now I can receive...


install version 8.5 or another old version. steps to keep using the old version of MSN Messenger, 1...

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Windows Live Messenger 2011 HELP?

Basically i downloaded windows live essentials 2011 with windows live messenger on my new laptop and hate it. So i un-installed it and tryed to install and older version and got an error message claiming I already had a more recent version of messenger...


You re-moved it wrong....

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How can I download Windows Live Messenger for XP?

I try to download windows live to my computer from this website: http://explore.live.com/windows-live-Messenger-XP I download the program and tried to run it but when it started to install, it told me that I already have these programs. I have searched...


uninstall Windows Live Messenger from Control panel -> add or remove programs. then try to reinstall...

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