How to put a link on Myspace?

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How do you get a link to put on your myspace page?

Like a link that will go to my blog ?


You would use the this code; <a href='BLOG URL HERE'>My Blog</a> Just put the url of your...

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How can i put a link on my myspace but make it so that people can click it?

i wanna put a link to my formspring on my myspace but when i put it on its not clickable. i want to make it so when you click it it goes to link. plss help


go to and click on generators. Then click on create a link. they will tell you what...

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How to put my MYSPACE blog link in myspace bulletin? ♦10 pts♦?

I went on the myspace forum, and got this answer: <a href=" more


Link to another page: <a href="">Click Here</A>

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How do you put a little icon picture link in a myspace blog?

okay, so i'm trying to put a picture link but like instead of the actual link, like show like a little icon picture of the actual picture do you get what i'm saying? here is a picture of what i want the blog to look like : just type this in your browser...


You'll want to use tables, image sources and links in order to get that functionality. See the resource...

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How do I put a link in a bulletin in MySpace?

I need to place a link in a bulletin I'm posting in MySpace but I don't know the HTML to do it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Use the ANCHOR <a> tag. <a href="" target="_blank...

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How do you put a link on a myspace profile?

And dont say <a href="WEBSITE">TEXT</a> because that doesn't work. When I use that code and then try to click the link it creates, myspace automatically adds more


<a href="http://WEBSITE" target="_blank">linked text</a>

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How do i put a link into a blog on myspace that goes to another post in my blog?

I have the link code, but i just don't know what to put in the url, b/c everytime i get something that says "invalid blog url" and idk what im doing wrong. Help please!!


copy the link and paste it where you need it.

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How do you put the link myspace thing on your profile with | message | pictures | comment?

i want to be able to click on the link and it will send me to where i wanna go.


Creating User Links on Myspace you will need to add the...

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How do can i put a clickable link on myspace?

i want to put an honestly type blog but i dont want to have all my blogs showing so i want a clickable thinger that says "honesty blog" or whatever and when you click it, it more


<a href="URL"> click me </a>

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How to put a pic link on myspace?

ok i know how bt just forgot the html code thing. so plz tell


just download it, get a photo and download it on to myspace.

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