How to read UTF-8 .txt file in Android?

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Read and Write UTF-8 Text Files [McNeel Wiki]

I have a text file saved as UTF-8 and when I try to read the file it gives me weird characters and not the correct characters (it contains Chinese characters).

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BBM for android, Do android users really need BBM over Whatsapp?

Having used BBM for Android for the last few days, my verdict while BBM has definitely caused a huge buzz, it is still far from being the best IM app and shouldn't yet nurture any dreams of being able to beat WhatsApp. Here are my 10 reasons why. 1....


Truly speaking, BBM is too old to pace up with any latest IM apps! Now-a-days user want a full mobility...

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Are there certain restrictions for the default/native Java Packages/Classes an Android App can use? (Please read description)

I am trying to make a Finance Android App where the user can enter a stock symbol (AAPL) and the current price and other information about the price shows up. Now, I know that the app is crashing/closing on the Android Emulator because of the objects...


Yes, there may be differences. The Android Java library is not based on the Java SE library. Only the...

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iPhone versus Android for an ubergeek (no holy wars, please)

I'm looking for experiential narrations of what it's like to own and use an iPhone or an Android phone as an ubergeek. This will help me decide what to do now that my non-smart T-Mobile phone is starting to die. I've been a T-Mobile customer for long...


Android (Droid I) and iPod Touch user here. Alternative input schemes: Swype is revolutionary. Couldn...

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Questions about ROM in android/PC?

so rom is a read only memory where when system boots up ,it takes file from here so that it can execute instruction to boot it up? <<correct me if i am wrong 1)are ROM and firmware the same?? cause i saw some people use ROM but some mentioned it...


The ROM in an android device contains the operating system. The ROM in a PC contains the BIOS (basic...

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What is the saddest book you ever read?

I'm a bit emo, and I love sad movies. Sometimes, when I'm alone I cut myself and watch the blood pours. I also like to drink my own blood. I've never read a sad book before, so I would like to make this one count. I also prefer to read it on a pdf file...


Gone with the Wind was pretty sad for me. And please don't cut yourself.

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Kindle for Android phone problem?

I have already installed Kindle for Android in my phone. I have an .azw (kindle file) in my sd card and it seems that I can't read the file i just placed. How do I read that file in my sd card?


Is it the .azw file keyed for your phone? Each file is keyed for a specific device, registered to a...

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Are mSpy, StealthGenie, Mobile Spy, and most of the other Android spying software providers tempting us with lies? Why?

Many spy software providers claim the "Call Recording" feature, but the truth is that it's just a marketing technique to tempt you to purchase their highest package. I have tested - or contacted - | | http...


This is not entirely true. Most of these spy softwares can record both sides of the conversation. It...

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What are the ways to maintain sessions in a PhoneGap Android app?

I am trying to convert a website to a phonegap android application. The web server sets the session id on the client as a cookie. This session id has to be maintained for the complete session. When I move from one page to another ( the second page is...


There is not session concept in phonegap. but you can use localStorage instead of Session Example with...

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What does this linux like command actually do? file -vv -s 0 -w /location/name of file?

I am working from an android command line emulator. I am after giving a file read/writable permission(chmod 777) and have found the command above but do not know what it actually more


In this context, tcpdump is an application. chmod 777 also makes the file _executable_. run man tcpdump...

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