How to create an inclusive aar file in Android?

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How can I create aar file in android studio 0.1 Build 130.677228

I have the older version of the android studio that when I launch it, in the bottom of the wizard window is written such a thing: android studio 0.1 Build 130.677228, check for update now I updated android studio to newer version, But it can not run in my computer. But fortunately, the older version of the android studio runs in my computer well and the older version of the android studio is enough for me. Consider I created a new project in android studio(The same default project), and I want...


I had hold a talk about creating and using aar in pre Android Studio 1.x. You can view the slides here...

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I am getting numerous useless errors in Eclipse when I create a new Android project. Eclipse shows errors in the file created by itself! What should I do?

I am following Android development tutorials and after installing everything, I had to create a new project. But when I create one, Eclipse shows these errors. The file was created by Eclipse itself. I haven't made any changes in it. Here's a screenshot...


SOLVED: By mistake I had deleted the appcompat_v7 project from my workspace. It contains all the support...

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How do you integrate a .jar file into an Android app?

I have a .jar file and the associated .java and .class files.  What I want to do is create an Android app (I'm using Eclipse) and  somehow integrate the .jar file with it. The .jar file acts as a  Spellchecker and I want to create a Spellchecker app...


First of all, not all Java SE APIs that are called by third-party jars exist on Android, or if they...

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What is the correct way to import the Android source code into Eclipse to start working?

I have tried these three ways. But they result in errors and different layouts of folders with each way. 1. Create an empty java project. Properties>Java Build Path>Source>Link Source>Android folder path. 2. File>new>java project...


You basically need below files in you root project folder for eclipse to recognize Android project perfectly...

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Why do some android programmers uses View class to create buttons?

I'm currently learning Android programming and the way I used to create command buttons in the activity class (not xml) is to "import android.widget.Button;" and then to create the Button instance such as " Button exit = (Button) findViewById...


There is not much difference. Think of widget as custom and ready-to-use View. In developer site it...

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I want to create a hymnal app in android for my phone.

This app is for my local church. I want to create a hymnal app for my android phone vodafone 858. The problem is am new to android development but I have some programming background and also I don't know how store go about it. I don't know if I should...


Android offer various Storage Options. For this particular app you have three options suits well. Internal...

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How does one create a popup input-prompt that wakes the screen, overriding the lock screen in Android, like the WhatsApp popup but without root?

I am trying to create an app which has some features that I have been told only work with root on Android. But recently what I have found is that there is a workaround to that. My app would launch a full screen popup like that of WhatsApp but just full...


In my experience that's not possible without root but you can use an app called "ac display"...

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How about @echo off E: cd E:\Java\Android\android-sdk\platform-too… (full directory) adb uninstall...

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What would prevent Eclipse+Android Development Toolkit from creating an APK  for a git project on Ubuntu Linux?

I checked out someone else's project from GitHub, then did a File/Import Existing Projects into Workspace. This is on Ubuntu Linux. Eclipse+the Android Development Toolkit would not create the APK. There are no relevant errors in the Error Log and ~...


did you try Fix Project Properties? Sometimes it may be from an old ADT or simply rebuilding it from...

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What are the ways to maintain sessions in a PhoneGap Android app?

I am trying to convert a website to a phonegap android application. The web server sets the session id on the client as a cookie. This session id has to be maintained for the complete session. When I move from one page to another ( the second page is...


There is not session concept in phonegap. but you can use localStorage instead of Session Example with...

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