How do I get the APK file for an Android app?

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Android APK File Help!?

Hey, if anyone has an Android, and can get the app (Thumb By Opinionaided, Inc) please get the APK file and upload it to mediafire and share the link with me because i have a tablet without the android market, and ive googled the apk but no onehas downloaded it yet and gotten the apk, so if anyone could PLEASE!! It would literaly mean so much to me! Thanks!!


go to on the top of the page find the apps button and tap it, it should come up to a moble...

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An app on Android suddenly disappeared. I didn't uninstall it and it wasn't malicious. The APK file is not getting installed again. What should I do?

It's weird. So, it was a book reader which wasn't installed from google play but from a website. It was not malicious and it worked nicely for 6-7 months. But few days ago, it wasn't there on the app screen, it suddenly disappeared. I didn't uninstall...


Did you happen to update your phone? Meaning not just the Android update but the general Android utilities...

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When installing an android app on your phone does it get the package name or the android market name?

When installing an android app on your phone does it get the package name of the .apk file or the android market name? Lets say my app's package name is ABC and in the android market I call it DEF. If someone installs my app on his phone what will be...



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How can I outsource android app development?

I have an app idea, but no coding skills.. I want to make an android app, actually pay someone else to do it. I know about : A one stop shop platform for freelancers and employers Hire freelancers and find freelance jobs instantly But I've never really...


you can do one this with developer .. you can sign NDA contract which is known as Non Discloser Agreement...

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Android Programming...From app back to source code...?

Is it possible to get the code from the .apk file.....My friend told me that its possible with reverse engineering....I have an android application(from app market)...I want to see the code of that program... Is it possible with this ???


It may possible, depending on how the .apk file was created. But it takes some work and the code may...

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Which is best website for FREE ANDROID APP APK file download ?

I am looking for download free Android App APK files. I have found many website but they don't allow me to download the file directly they keep on redirecting me to other sites. more


Dear All Recently i have found one Android App website with lot of ANDROID APP APK files with latest...

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Android: A site called apkgalaxy nabbed my Android app and offers it as an .apk download from their site. What's the best way to get them to take it down?

That site even took my graphics and put it on their page with their watermark, and copied my description text. Anything that can be done? Anyone has had any experience with such things / with their website ? Furthermore, that site offers the .apk download...


The best this you can do, is to contact them through email. If they don't respond, just add a complaint...

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After I update my Android's Play Store app through sideloading apk, will it still be able to get any future update through OTA?

I mean, Play Store doesn't support sideloaded apps, right? So, I'm curious if the Play Store itself won't get updates after being updated by apk?


Apps are signed by publishers, and you can't forge a signature.  If your sideloaded APK is official...

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What apps do you use to install apk files onto your Android device from computer directly(It's like click a button on your computer, and the apk get installed via USB, without sending the apk to the device and finish the installing manualy)?

Additionally, if the app you use is able to install apk onto your Android device, does it run a third-party market from which you can download apk installers of apps you like?


There's a kind of softwoare called IDE, and Android has a thing called ADT....OK, that's just a joke...

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How do they crack android or iphone/ipad apps?

most windows software use "license key" and "trial version" make people buy their software, for example, you can download the trial for 30 days, if you want to continue use it, you have to have the license key, enter that license...


In order to crack the app yes the original FULL version is bought, this may be by the cracker themselves...

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