How to refresh list view dynamically in Android?

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Android List view refresh

I have one ListView which is showing me some data through an array (which is in another class and I'm accessing it through it's object). Whenever I delete an element from the ListView through context menu, the list is not refreshing but the element is deleted from the array. How can I refresh the list to show this? Code: public void onCreateContextMenu(ContextMenu menu, View v, ContextMenuInfo menuInfo) { if (v.getId() { AdapterView.AdapterContextMenuInfo info = (AdapterView...


You have to notify your ListView adapter that the data has changed. listViewAdapater.notifyDataSetChanged...

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How do we implement a 3-level expandable list view in Android and make the childs in the final view clickable?

I get the data for theExpandable listview at the runtime (of course has the format beforehand).How can I implement this?(Any tutorial links are helpful). Example: First Level:Displays names.Click on any name expands another Expandable List view Second...


Note: You should not combine any scrollable widgets (like ListView inside another ListView). ExpandableListView...

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Black Background in Pocket (formerly Read It Later) android App's Article List view

Android app Pocket (formerly Pocket (app)) gives me the option to turn articles in Night/Dark Mode with Black background that stresses the eyes less, is there any way by which I can do the same in the app's Article list view ?


The latest version does, in fact, provide just this feature (Dark Theme). I believe it was added in...

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switching from Android to iPhone: how does it work?

I am a Windows PC/Android person to the teeth, have never used any Apple hardware or software other than iTunes in my life, and am now suddenly in the position of having to use an iPhone 4S running iOS 8 as my main phone for the indefinite future. Everything...


And no, the home screen is not customizable. No widgets.

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To-do list application / task management software

I need a good task manager. I thought Todoist was it, but I hate their Android client (plus typing out the due date/time every time gets old quite fast). So what's the current state of the market? What I want: - web + Android support - periodic/repeating...


When did you last try Todoist on Android? They announced a major redesign about two weeks ago. I use...

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What task manager supports: 1) Mac 2) Android 3) lists 4) reminders 5) today/next view?

I've been using Google Tasks forever, but its data model for tasks, lists, and reminders has stopped scaling for me. My ideal task manager would: have a slick mac application that makes new task entry extremely fast have an Android app that it synchronises...


Producteev has a native Mac application launched today: which looks...

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I wish to develop a simple SMS application for Android. And its only function is to show a threaded view of conversation between user and sender, when sender's phone number is given as an input. Could someone point me in the right direction?

If possible could someone give me the code to implement it. I'm aware that a cursor (which contains all the sent and received messages from sender) can be used. But after getting the cursor containing the entire list, how do I display it in a threaded...


I suggest picking a simpler, smaller challenge for your first app.  You're struggling because you have...

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Anyone having problems with their New Yahoo email list view?

I can't seem to get the list of my emails displayed after I log in. At times, I needed to refresh a number of times until I get the list displayed. Worse, I can't sign out until I refresh too. Has it got to do with my browser? I am using mostly Google...


Seems it's the problem of your Internet speed. I use chrome firefox ie and Avant browser, all of them...

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The Google Drive app uses a grid/list toggle, via an icon in the action bar. Although the content items...

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