How to implement search view for list view?

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Android list view with search functionality

My dynamic list view(populated from a webservice) has a AutoCompleteTextView, "Search" button. I have implemented auto complete functionality for AutoCompleteTextView, it is working properly; when i type min 2chars, the AutoCompleteTextView is displaying matching results and when i select an item from the populated list, it is automatically appearing in the AutoCompleteTextView. That is fine, now I need to implement action for my "Search" button, when I click on this button...


Best Android way to do it is to use the Quick Search Box. Basically you implement a provider to return...

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How do we implement a 3-level expandable list view in Android and make the childs in the final view clickable?

I get the data for theExpandable listview at the runtime (of course has the format beforehand).How can I implement this?(Any tutorial links are helpful). Example: First Level:Displays names.Click on any name expands another Expandable List view Second...


Note: You should not combine any scrollable widgets (like ListView inside another ListView). ExpandableListView...

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Django (web framework): How can I implement a urlpattern that passes a list of strings to the view?

For example: I have a url like this: http://mysite/StringA/StringB/St... And I want to always process this with the same view, but I would like the view to receive a list ['StringA', 'StringB', 'StringN'] for processing. Is there an easy way to setup...


I have been experimenting and there are several ways to do this, the summary is that you just need to...

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The purpose of this assignment is to design and implement a DVD Rental Application that allows a DVD shop owne?

The purpose of this assignment is to design and implement a DVD Rental Application that allows a DVD shop owner to perform regular daily operations (a detailed list of the functionality needed is provided in the next section). The following aspects in...


Trick question, no one rents media any longer. I just saved you a lot of time.

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I cant view this website Help!!!?

This is so stupid. I am trying to view the website and every time it says the message below, but it works fine on my computer at work...I want to shop from home!!! Help please. You are not authorized to view this page The Web server you are...


I tried to do it too =| I guess you need permission =|

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Facebook Friends List?

When I click on a friend and then click to view all their friends, the screen will show them in alphabetical order. When I click on my sisters friends (not friends in common), it will not show me her list of friends but instead the results of a public...


Your sister has her friend list private for her to see only. You can do the same thing on here too....

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Would it be useful to get all emails from someone just clicking his/her name on Gmail lists view?

I often search for emails sent from someone. I think it could be (very) useful for me to be able to perform a search (from:<email address>) just click on his/her name when I'm viewing Inbox, Sent, or, in general, any email list view from Gmail...


Without giving too much away, just want to say that you should check out when it launches -...

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How can one conduct an advanced search on a connection's list of connections?

I understand that if I'm connected to someone, I can view a list of that person's connections. But if this person has 500+ connections, how can I filter that list by city, company etc.? The only thing I can do right now is click and view profiles individually...


"Thanks for reaching out to me about filtering other peoples' contact lists. I'm afraid however...

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I wish to develop a simple SMS application for Android. And its only function is to show a threaded view of conversation between user and sender, when sender's phone number is given as an input. Could someone point me in the right direction?

If possible could someone give me the code to implement it. I'm aware that a cursor (which contains all the sent and received messages from sender) can be used. But after getting the cursor containing the entire list, how do I display it in a threaded...


I suggest picking a simpler, smaller challenge for your first app.  You're struggling because you have...

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No you Can Not View there profile if they have blocked you

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