How to implement List in .Net?

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How do I implement a checkbox list in ASP.NET MVC?

Just moved from WebForms to MVC and replacing various userinterfaces. Not sure how the WebForms CheckListBox is implemented, is there a jQuery plugin or a basic example of this somewhere?


Depending on your need for jQuery, a template similar to this is what I routinely use. (You should be...

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How do we implement a 3-level expandable list view in Android and make the childs in the final view clickable?

I get the data for theExpandable listview at the runtime (of course has the format beforehand).How can I implement this?(Any tutorial links are helpful). Example: First Level:Displays names.Click on any name expands another Expandable List view Second...


Note: You should not combine any scrollable widgets (like ListView inside another ListView). ExpandableListView...

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How would I implement a huge list of schools into a list/AutoComplete 'selection tool'?

I have a file with a very large list of schools, too many to manually type. I would like users to be able to select their school, but not sure how to best go about this. Other options may be creating a database with all of these values? Just don't want...


Have a look at typeahead. It works with data on client or server...

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Django (web framework): How can I implement a urlpattern that passes a list of strings to the view?

For example: I have a url like this: http://mysite/StringA/StringB/St... And I want to always process this with the same view, but I would like the view to receive a list ['StringA', 'StringB', 'StringN'] for processing. Is there an easy way to setup...


I have been experimenting and there are several ways to do this, the summary is that you just need to...

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Is it a good idea to implement infinite scroll on a list of products?

Assuming an e-commerce store stocks tens of thousands of products, all categorized and sub-categorized. When a user selects a sub-category or performs a search, they are presented with a list of products. The list could be hundreds of products long....


There are two things: First, for just browsing around infinite scrolling is a great idea. It is appreciated...

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I want to implement my own method of array list in c#?

i want to make code of class my array list and in this class in c# to implement methods like (add ,remove,clone,etc ) ,i dont want to use the array list class which is already implemented in c#


hi rom mem, when your system was installed it had a petition now in this petition a system was installed...

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jQuery: What is the best way to implement a sortable list with javascript?

jQuery UI was most obvious to me -- but is there a better, leaner, faster way to implement a sortable list? Can I do it about as easily without having to rely on jQuery UI? If so, how?


Just go with jeasyUI:, and look at their datagrid plugin. It's a suite of plugins...

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Add another pointer to the nodes for the previous node: struct node { struct node *next; struct node...

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I a list of steps (in order) to implement a WAN (wide area network)?

i need a list of steps (in order) to implement a WAN (wide area network). i also need an explination why u choose this method. (assume that you are starting from scratch by implementing a WAN at the company that has 10 stand alone pc's) Please answer...


This is not a "simple" question as a WAN can be used for all sorts of inter-communications...

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What's the best way to implement a (consistent) list type on top of memcached?

With some googling I've come across three ways: 1) Atomic operations via lock keys 2) STM (Software Transactional Memory) with CAS 3) Atomically appending/prepending onto a value ( #1 and #2 both require some form...


If memcahed is not a requirement you can take a look at Redis, it has already list and other data structures...

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