How to implement different clickable Area on an image-page through image map?

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Implement different clickable Area on an image-page through image map

A B C D E F G H --figure. I am working on Book App on Android. In my book App, there are many images-pages. In first image-page there are 26 alphabets(A-Z),4 alphabets in a raw(as shown in my picture). My Problem is: I want to developed a click-able area for each and every alphabets (A-Z) . when user click or touch on any of alphabet then a square box should be appear like "image A is clicked"(shown in above figure). On every touch or click on alphabets images(A-Z) i will pass corresponding...


I remember answering a very similar question just a few days ago. In order to implement this as the...

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What is the HTML limit on the number of area that can be defined in a clickable image map?

A) 16 B) 64 C) It depends on the size of the users screen D) 32 E) There is no HTML Limit


I would say "E". The image may run out of area for hot spots long before the HTML code for...

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I have a district level map of India as a single image. How can I convert each district into an area to interact with through javascript and /or flash?

Interactions include but are not limited to making each district clickable, displaying different values and colors for each district region dynamically (values will come from a csv file). What is the best way (softwares etc) to do it?


I can suggest you AnyMapps This is a technology that converts your map image into...

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How best to code a client-side image map with rollovers?

What's the best way to do a client-side image map w/added rollover goodness? I want to add a clickable world map to my blog. The map is divvied up into 12 regions (North America, South America, etc.) which I want to each light up when rolled over. I...


My mistake; that was the example, not the article. The article is located here.

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Offline maps with custom POIs for iPod Touch/iPhone?

Offline maps for the iPod Touch/iPhone, and custom points of interest (POIs). Is there any software that can do this? I'm looking for a piece of software, or some hack for existing software, that will let me 1) view offline maps stored locally on my...


I use MotionX GPS on my iPhone, and it may go part of the way to what you want, if I understand you...

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On mouseover event in gimp?

Hi! I would like to create a interactive clickable map in GIMP. So I add main map in it, go to filter, web, and image map. I add then rectangle on a hotspot, I also add link to that hot spot (that works), but when I come to Javascript tab, and on mousover...


EDIT > Sorry, just ignore my previous answer - I didn't read your question properly. You can't edit...

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Want to make an image map that has a value for each area that each click adds together to display a total...HELP!!!?

Hi, I want to have an image of a car that has a value for each part. When clicked I want the total to add up and be displayed. It can be made in HTML or built into excel but I have no more


You would have to use the 'server side' imagemap processing option - that sends each mouse click to...

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T-Mobile data coverage around the world: is there a single map showing all covered areas?

T-Mobile's Unlimited International Email add-on for BlackBerry currently offers data service in "90 countries and locations." Is there such a thing as a single map showing these 90 countries and locations? If not, what's my most efficient way...


I don't have an immediate answer to your question. But I wanted to lend my support; I think that's a...

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Given the following image map tag specification...?

Given the following image map tag specification: <IMG SRC="map.gif" WIDTH=252 HEIGHT=128 BORDER=0 ALIGN=bottom usemap="#map"> Which of the following is an invalid image map tag? <AREA SHAPE="circle" COORDS="...


the correct shapes are rect, circle, poly also your cords for the polygon (poly) are suppose to be in...

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Creating a map image from a geotagged image?

Is there a Windows or OS X utility that takes a geotagged JPEG image and generates an image of a map containing a pushpin or dot showing the location where the image was taken? Also, it would be nice to control the size of the output image and the map...


onAround's Immageo will do this.

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