How to implement an openid in PHP?

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Open Id implementation in php?

I am considering implementing OpenID on my website and I am having a hard time finding good resources for OpenID implementation in php. So far I have only found RPX but I don't want to depend on third party vendors. I want something similar to SO , can anyone point me in the right direction and can you also tell approximately how much time will it take to implement OpenID on my web site (*my php skills are decent)...Thanks


What about Simple OpenID via php

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How can I allow users to login using OpenID?

Hey, I have a login system on my website, but I'd like to allow users to login using OpenID. How do I implement this in PHP? Websites that tell me how to do it are fine too. more


Simon Willison has a screencast on his site that covers using this:

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I am a beginner in PHP MySQL domain. When I start converting the logic to code, I feel completely blank. I am stuck on where to start and what should be the steps to implement logic. How can I deal with this? What should I do?

I am a beginner in PHP MySQL domain. Presently working for a start up where I am assigned to a project (Web application in PHP). I am getting stuck at very basic steps. For example, it took me 3 days to create a registration and login system maintaining...


You need to practice on developing practical projects. Study this book and implement each and every...

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What is the algorithm to implement "Follow - User" feature with PHP - MySQL?

Something like Pinterest, where users can follow other users or brands and get updated with the posts and notifications. What will be the database schema and the algorithm to be implemented with php


Suppose you have a user table with user_id as the primary key , then you can define a table in the following...

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Whats wrong with the code and how to implement change?

I have a code linked up to my MySQL and it is already connected to the database, but I was wondering how it is possible to make sure only content shows from the field 'cat_platform' in the table 'product' when the text in cat_platform is 1. Here is the...


Add a WHERE clause to the query will allow you to only get specific results. This query will now only...

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How can I implement server side code and a database on my site?

I have a totally static website, with a few html pages and a single css stylesheet. Whether it be Ruby/Rails, PHP, Python, whatever- How do I implement the code into my website? Do I just upload a .php or .rb to my file directory with the same name as...


Before you embark on this it is very important that you have complete control over the server that you...

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PHP program ideas? what should I teach? *I KNOW PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING*?

I have mastered PHP. I want to make a huge tutorial series of me teaching everything in PHP. From different web server software and all that. I want it to implement social networking techniques and stuff like CMS. But, I can't think of a solid site idea...


Nobody knows everything, but I'll humour the question. There's always something else you can learn or...

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Immediate PHP programming interview prep.

I have a programming job interview TOMORROW. Can you help a fellow out? I have a remote video chat interview for a WP programming position (mostly PHP with some JavaScript/jQuery) coming up within 24 hours. I'm nervous and would appreciate some guidance...


Interviews are such a subjective thing. When we're hiring, I probably do 2-4 "php" interviews...

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PHP:::::: How to code chat program in PHP?

I would like to create a web page ( using free domain offering sites like where chatting is available . How to code chat in php? Since php gets input only via forms not like c or java. But in chatting continuously inputs have to be processed...


Plain And Simple If You Don't Know How To Encode PhP, You Shouldn't Be ******* With It! Besides If Your...

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Google and Facebook have Android Native SDK for implementing login with their services. This is the...

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