how to pass data from table view to second view controller?

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iOS: How to pass first view controller label data of table view cell to textView of second view controller?

I am working on an app in which i want to show my table view cell label data of first view controller to the textView of second view controller when click on the button. I have implemented the code but when i click on button the textView of second view becomes blank. Kindly suggest me where i am doing mistake in the following code i have tried many times but couldn't succeeded. First View Controller: - (void)viewDidLoad { [super viewDidLoad]; // Do any additional setup after loading the view....


If you are using segues, you can send the text using prepareForSegue method: - (void)prepareForSegue...

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How can I pass the data/information from one view controller to another in storyboard?

I'm using iOS 6.1 and X-code 4.5 so I'm not using *.xib file for view. I'm a beginner and want to make a app in which user will enter his name  in main/initial view and then in 2nd view there will be a label in which I will print "Hello USER_NAME...


Go through this video u will get all idea about flow, and passing value between view controllers

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In Model-View-Controller pattern should the controller fetch the data or the the model?

In Model-View-Controller pattern should the controller fetch the data or the the model should update data based on inputs from controller ?


If you want to get data, the model should fetch the data, and the controller should query the model...

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View current SQL table data witout using applications or exporting.?

I'm using Oracle 10G and Sql Developer. I need to figure out a way to view the data within a specific table, without using SQL Developer or using exports. I created a report for the data set i'm trying to make available, but i connot figure out how to...


Oracle would have to be running as a service. Then you could connect with it using any programming method...

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IPhone SDK: What is the best way to handle an app that has 2 portrait view controllers (one is table view withportrait subviews) and then a landscape controller with several landscape subviews?

Need help with the storyboard with this. I essentially have 3 top level views. Using tab controller to contain a tableview with other view in portrait but the 3rd top level view is landscape. This is goofy looking. I cant use a button to push portrait...


You should post this to Stackoverflow if you have not done that yet. You will get better and quicker...

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How do I get a UITableView header view to come before the table cells in the responder chain?

I have a rather large table header view above my table view. I have a number of subviews in that header view. I am doing something a bit nonstandard where I am "sticking" some of those subviews (but not all) at the top of the table view. My...


I would try disabling selection on the table view, and reimplementing selection using a UIGestureRecognizer...

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Why does the following AJAX call doesn't return new url from success and change URL in browser after returning from controller?

I am working on a Spring MVC project where the homepage has two input fields. Both input fields are of String type. But the regNo field gets number and if the user enters the regNo it should be taken to the corresponding method in controller. If the...


I think your ajax call is not executing... check for it .

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ASP.NET MVC: Why postback on partial view loaded using ajax returns null model?

My application have page with few search boxes. When user clicks on respective search button a result grid is expected to load. That grid have few editable controls in which user can modifications and hit save button if needed to save the data. We have...


This happens when your view sends incompatible types to the model, so the object passed to the controller...

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Model-View-Controller Pattern: Encapsulating logic and graphics in the same class?

Alright, so I realize that the MVC is the "responsible" design pattern, but it seams to make things more complicated and I just cant wrap my head around it. I'm currently programming a maze game for the Iphone, now according to the MVC I store...


Would it be a crime? No. Would it land you in MVC jail? Maybe. If the logic you want in the view layer...

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In JavaServer Faces (JSF) : What is the best place for controller data computation / queries" ?

Let's put it this way : I have a view that displays data from DB, this view uses a @RequestScoped bean to access data. A basic approach was to compute the data to view in @PostConstruct listener. But this is not Ok when actions update data as @PostConstruct...


I use preRenderView events all the time for this sort of thing. Just be sure to check the value of FacesContext...

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