How to send SOAP request Android?

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How to send a soap request in android?

I am new to WSDL webservices , using KSoap2 library to call wsdl webservices in android . This is my soap request dump <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""; xmlns:loy="">; <soapenv:Header/> <soapenv:Body> <loy:GetOffersByLocation> <!--Optional:--> <loy:Location> <!--Optional:--> <loy:Latitude>?</loy:Latitude> <!--Optional:--> <loy:Longitude...


You can also manually construct the request XML, and send it to kSOAP for sending and response processing...

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What is the best way to have a MSSQL '05 send a SOAP request to an external web service?

I have been charged with creating a way for a MSSQL'05 DML action trigger a SOAP request to an external web service. This is uncharted domain for me and the only way I could think to achieve this would be to 1.) create a stored procedure to send the...


From a security point of view, you will normally go through an application layer to consume a web service...

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PHP Soap Multiple Concurrent Requests

I need to send multiple concurrent soap requests to the same source, but concurrent requests aren't supported in PHP's SOAP implementation. I can extend SoapClient to overwrite the _doRequest function to instead construct a curl handler to run as concurrent...


Can you run multiple PHP instances simultaneously? (Sympathies, I'm dealing with some pretty complex...

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Is there a way to pass a message from an Android browser to an app?

I have a situation where I'd like for some data to be passed from a mobile web site to a native Android app. A complication is that, in the normal case, the native Android app might not be installed when the mobile web site is loaded. Here's an example...


yes you can - you use data intent filters to catch certain protocols or URLs.have a look at http://developer...

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Peer not authenticated exception in SOAP UI?

I downloaded soapui, and then configured it with the project sml file suppplied by my vendor. I also put in the vendor webservice url. In the SOAP UI SSL tab, I put in the .p12 file supplied by the vendor and also the password. Now when i send a webservice...


i don't know .

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This is called frictionless requests. Someone guessed it: Since...

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I want to implement a RESTful webservice do i need something om my server running to handle requests like with SOAP?

I want to implement a RESTful webservice for an Android App using JSON. Do i need something om my server running to make for example a GET request work , like with SOAP is the case. I have read something on servlets but i don't know if this is neccesary...


In general, yes, but it also depends on what functionality you want the server to have. If you need...

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What is the difference between REST and SOAP?

I am trying to send an image from android device to sever which is based on .NET, which should I consider REST or SOAP and how much will be the performance variation?


Communication between a client and a server has always been a problem a to how to facilitate error free...

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As of 2014, what is the best paid or unpaid Android app to scan business cards?

I want something that can scan a business card and auto-upload into my Android and Google Contacts and, akin to Rapportive in Gmail, auto-send a LinkedIn, AngelList and Google+ request.


I'd suggest modify the title a bit, as IT IS 2015 now :) I recommend the Whova app (get it from GooglePlay...

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How does a web based Android Application work?

How do they request data from the server? In which format does the server send the data? How does the server accept requests from the Android App? Like i have a text field  and i want to change its value based on value stored in server?What will be the...


Android applications are connected to the server using Web Services (Restful*) using a HTTP client on...

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