How to send data from Android Wear to handheld?

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Android Wear: How to send data from Android Wear to Mobile ...

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Do Android phones require data/internet access to send/receive picture (MMS) messages?

I recently acquired an Android phone (LG Optimus) and that is what T-Mobile technical support is telling me. Do Android operating systems honestly not handle MMS messages or is T-Mobile feeding me a line of bull to get me to buy a data plan?


Well first off, no matter which carrier you're on, a smartphone of any kind will always require a data...

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Is there a way to pass a message from an Android browser to an app?

I have a situation where I'd like for some data to be passed from a mobile web site to a native Android app. A complication is that, in the normal case, the native Android app might not be installed when the mobile web site is loaded. Here's an example...


yes you can - you use data intent filters to catch certain protocols or URLs.have a look at http://developer...

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What are the design approaches to develop a scalable and reliable real-time tracking (GPS) system for Android devices?

I am working on project in which I need to improve/redesign existing real time tracking of Android devices. Android devices send it's location + few more metadata to our server in every 45 seconds and we update these details in maps to show device location...


Start with GCM with CCS (device to cloud). Then consider moving to your own XMPP server.

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How bitterly should I cling to my unlimited data plan?

How strongly should I feel about hanging on to my grandfathered AT&T unlimited data plan? It's time for a new phone contract. I currently have the $30/mo. unlimited AT&T plan on my iPhone 3g, and my wife has a non-smartphone. With the renewal...


You cannot FaceTime over 3G or LTE with a grandfathered unlimited plan. This is something all my coworkers...

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Why won't my data network connect on my new used android here in China?

Why won't my data network connect on my new used android here in China? I use china mobile, and bought a Note II n7100 on taobao. It works great, I can make calls, send and receive texts, I can connect and use wifi, but I can't use my cell phone company...


If your phone was previously using data on another carrier, the APN settings may need to be changed...

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Android Market Privacy Breaches?

Anyone else shocked at most of the apps on the android market stating the following: Permissions This application has access to the following: Network communication full Internet access Allows an application to create network sockets. Your personal information...


yes i was thinking about this for a while..there is no privacy..that too the one it says it can modify...

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Is there a way to increase the data limit for google android apps?

Buzzworthy (a google android app) notes: "There is limit to the amount of data the Android operating system allows  one application to send to another at one time. As a result, if you  have too many highlights (> 90,000 characters worth) a dialogue...


I didn't find a specific setting but I did find this which may be useful in getting the data set from...

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Why do apps requiring web access not work properly on Vodafone data plans?

I am using a Micromax A110 phone, running ICS. I tried several of data plans from Vodafone on it. However the problem I mention below has persisted: When using Vodafone data plans, many of the apps on my Android that require internet connection do not...


Was facing a similar problem. The issue was with the gprs settings in my android phone. Vodafone does...

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How do I use proxy server to compress data being sent and received?

So what I want to do is develop an app for android or any mobile os which will connect to a proxy server. The job of the proxy server will be to compress all the possible http data and send it to server and get data compress it and send it to the device...


You can optimize internet traffic in two ways: Server-side: install a compressing, forwarding proxy...

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