How to send data from device to remote server?

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sending data from one android device to another android device via server

I am developing an application in which I have to send data from one device to another device via server. I am using soapObject for sending the data. I am able to send data from the device to server and get back the result from server,but I am not getting how to send data sent from one device to another device via the server. If anybody knows how to do this, please respond. Thanks


The other device (the receiving phone) has to establish a connection with the server. When the server...

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How do I use proxy server to compress data being sent and received?

So what I want to do is develop an app for android or any mobile os which will connect to a proxy server. The job of the proxy server will be to compress all the possible http data and send it to server and get data compress it and send it to the device...


You can optimize internet traffic in two ways: Server-side: install a compressing, forwarding proxy...

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Machine-to-machine Communication: Do celluar-enabled connected devices (e.g., tablets and eReaders) need a telephone number to send a text message to the device to wake it up?

Are there asynchronous communications to the device that require a server to wake the device up to send it data?  And do they do that by first sending a text message to a telephone number associated with the device to wake it up, then sending the data...


The phone number of such a device you get by SIM: A subscriber identity module or subscriber identification...

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What data does Apple allow Apps/SDKs to send from iOS devices to servers?

There's been some publicity recently regarding various SDKs getting heat from Apple for collecting data like device-type, iOS version. Is there a clear list of what sort of device-characteristics Apple allows App developers and/or SDK writers to send...


Apple doesn't publish an exact list, but the permissibility of data collection revolves around whether...

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How can torrent clients send data without a server?

My question is simple, how can torrent clients like utorrent, bittorrent etc... send data directly to other peers, by this I mean without first sending the data to a hosted server? This seams to me unlogical as the seeder sending the data to a peer is...


There are "servers," but the only information they hold are connections. They are called ...

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Java socket and memory issues: I am writing a client/server that need to send data and images.?

I am writing a program that needs to track where the server user's mouse is on the screen and send that information back to the client. I also need the client to be able to send an image to the server for display. What is the best way to do this? Currently...


Two abstract classes shape the architecture of the package: InputStream and OutputStream. These...

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Any good software/hardware that allow me to send data from a PDA to another one or maybe to a server?

my father is a construction,he frequently visits construction sites.he needs something that can transfer data from a remote location (using a PDA) to a receiver(maybe another friend's PDA or company's data server). the data contains information...


any pda thats blue tooth enabled...and a blue tooth receiver or usb blue tooth adapter. that should...

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If you can't connect to a server behind a router, how does the router know where to send returning data?

From my understanding, without port fowarding, you can't connect to a server behind a firewall. So how does a router know where to send returning data, after a client like an internet browswer requests data from a server? Does it send it to everyone...


What happens is that there are thousands of routers arranged a bit like layers - see the diagram at...

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Is it possible to send data with Java over TCP and receive that data with a C# server?

For instance 2 computers on the same network, one has a Java client that outputs a string converted to bytes through an OutputStream (using port for example 4444), then the C# server would receive those bytes (from the same port 4444) and turn them into...


Yes, look up "sockets programming" on both.

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What html code can send data to web server directly using "post" method except a form?

I'm a beginner in HTML. I need to make a button to send predefined data to server, the button is just for confirmation. I'm using the following code <form method="POST" action="."> <input type="hidden" name...


It looks like your solution already does what you want, but it does have the downside of taking the...

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