How to set up a business email?

Let’s learn how to set up a business email. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Set up business email?



Click here to get your own domain name and set up your business...

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How do I set up a signature for my Yahoo Small Business email?

I must say this has been the most frustrating thing about Yahoo Small Business Email. I can set up a signature for my regular Yahoo Email easily. That is not what I want to know. I want to know how to set up a signature for my Yahoo Small Business email...


This is the info they post…

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you just give some adds on the

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How can I set up my yahoo business email to go to my blackberry?

I had set it up with a bussinees account and then had to change it because I changed business and I'm trying to set my new yahoo business account to go to my blackberry. Where do I find the email server information?


You will need adjust the mail application's POP settings to get your Yahoo! Mail messages into it. POP...

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I have 2 email addrs how can i set my business email address as the primary when i log in?

i am trying to get a phone that does not need to have pop access only mobile email access. when i log in to yahoo mail from these phones i get the first yahoo email account. but that is not the one i use. the second one is the one i use but i cant access...


You can get a customized email address(at your own domain name) with mobile accessibility.

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On my ipone 4S my Yahoo business email is deleted after one day? How do I set it to show all my emails?

I get my emails but it dumps them after one day. I have set it to show 1000 emails on my phone settings and never in my deleted messages.


Hi Ryan, sorry you're having trouble with your iphone deleting emails when pulled from your Yahoo! Small...

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Can I set Yahoo Messenger to tell me if my yahoo small business gets an email?

I have set up a small business website account with Yahoo using my Yahoo id. I get most of my business email through this address, and would love to have notification that I've gotten an email instead of having to log in every day.


Look in messenger, preferences, alerts - notifications

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The new email set up is impossible for business. Grouping emails does not work?

The new email system does not work for business. The email grouping does not allow responding to one email and there is no longer a way sort by sender, date, etc. Also attachments more


To get attachment working properly you have to go to Settings, and Security tab and make sure https...

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I can't set up my Yahoo Small Business email on my iphone 4s. Please help!?

When I try to set up my yahoo small business email it says "verification required" and tells me to go to Is there a way to set it up as a yahoo account so I can merge my calendar and be able to send emails. I had it working on my...


Hey Lisa, From what it sounds like you may be creating the email account in the wrong area of the mail...

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This email address was set up using a person's name, can we change it to business?

When emails are sent out by this business, it appears in the receiver's inbox by a previous employee's name. How can we delete this person's name and have it changed to Chamber of Commerce?


Name change for mail - follow these steps: 1. Click "Options" in the upper-right corner of...

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