How to start a career in Project Management?

Let’s learn how to start a career in Project Management. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Project Management.

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Where would be a good place to start a project management career?

I had recently obtained my PMP certification, currently I am already doing Project Management work but I would like to work in an environment where I could gain maximum exposure to project management, perhaps in a projectized organisation. Would appreciate any advice on where would be a good place to start, thanks in advance


The best place to develop PM skills? Look for the companies that are contractors in your field. Find...

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How to start a career in project Management?

i have done my MBA in management. Now i want to start my career in project management. what should i do? Where should i start?


Hi, I would suggest you check this article "How to become a Project Manager" : http://www...

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Where should I start if I want to pursue a project management career at a tech company?

I have recently graduated from a UC with a degree in the social sciences and I am eager to start my career as a project manager but, i'm not quite sure where to start. Is it just a matter of filling out online applications, networking with people at...


To be frank, getting break as project manager in a tech company is difficult as generally career path...

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I'm thinking of moving my career towards IT project management from sales, although I am unsure of where to start.  Any suggestions of courses I could do, or perhaps junior roles I could apply for which would set me on my way?

I have been working in IT sales/channel development and recruitment for the past 8 years.  I would like to become a project manager and am wondering what the essential skills and techniques are that I would need to learn in order to make the change....


A good starting point is learning a formal and recognized form of project management like Prince2 or...

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I'm not sure you are looking at this the right way round - you need to understand what your strengths...

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Hello, This is a great question. According to research, the resources sector pays project managers very...

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What are some great resources on learning PMP and Project Management ?

What are some great books/resources for really learning and getting a master on Project Management? I'm a 30 year old IT veteran. I've worked in the industry for 10+ years. I was laid off in April due to a huge company downsizing. I've been on the job...


The standard book for the PMI tests is the PMBOK, published by the PMI. I took a year-long course that...

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Online project management basic course: recommendation of a good one, provided by a good university?

I have no formal or practical knowledge of project management, but I think it would be good for my career to start studying this subject. I thought about attending to an online extension course of a good university. Do you have any suggestion?


I don't know of a university course per se, but one of the best introduction to project management courses...

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Would an entry-level role in project management+software engineering prepare me for a career in UX design?

I'm a graduate student of Human Factors and Ergonomics and I'm very interested in a career in UX design. I'm currently looking for job opportunities (my first job) to finance my studies. However, I've found that there is not a lot of entry-level vacancies...


Find opportunities to really do what you intend to do. When I was at that point, I was going to bail...

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