How to start a catering business?

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How do i go about starting a home catering business?

i would like to start selling dinners out my home then eventually open up a restaurant i would like to know if anybody has any ideas on how i would go about doing this.all answers are greatly appreciated.


alright. i have some ideas...i have co-owned a restaurant before, and my first business experience was...

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Want to start my own Catering Business but dont know how?

Hi Everyone, Im here for some Business Advice, for over a year now I've been debating wether to start my own Catering Business but have always been put off by the fact I have no capital behind me. I have always catered for partys for family and friends...


Being purely blunt don't like it. "I have no capital behind me" - This means you are going...

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How can I start a catering business at home in NJ?

Has anyone ever started a catering business from their home kitchen? Does anyone know where I can rent a kitchen with a food license in NJ? How about does anyone know how I can get my food handling license for the state of NJ? Please do not direct me...


I don't think a business plan will really help you in this case, so don't waste your time doing that...

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How can I start an at home catering business?

I’ve been baking ever since I was quite young and I’m still doing it now, I’m 21 and I love baking, many people from my partners family and friends of the family have said I should start my own catering business, I have wanted that...


Lilys advice is wrong. As a retired owner of a catering business and husband in the catering trade for...

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How can i start a catering business?!?!?

How can i start a catering business!


Contact your local Business Link for free help and information on starting in business. They have specific...

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How did you start your catering business?

I live in PA and want to cater in NJ. Has anyone started a catering business here? If so, how did you start? I plan on using a home office.


You must be licensed to operate in each county that you service. You should be trained in food service...

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How do i start a catering business in los angeles county? help!?

my husband and i are eager to start a catering business, particulary seafood, but dont know where to begin. help is very much appreciated and hopefully we will be at service to one of you soon!


You send to make business cards & flyers so drop this one in office companies/ mailbox to the houses...

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How do I start a catering business?

I'd like to start my own vegan catering business. My family of meat-eaters loves the food I make and are the ones encouraging me to do this. I've always loved cooking for more


I would start by taking a few business courses or at least reading some basic books of service industry...

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How do I start a bar catering business?

Hi, I love entertaining people and thought bar catering was the thing I would enjoy doing. My idea focuses solely on bar catering, on-demand basis, such as corporate events and more


You'll need cash for starting a business and you need bar catering licence also for serving liquor!

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Pitch your project to friends and family

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