How to use CalendarProvider on Android?

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How to use Calendar Provider with Android emulator - Stack ...

I intend to use the emulator to test the new Calendar Provider. I created a virtual device from Google API image and added a Google account to the calendar.

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An Android browser that helps you save your favorite URL's for future use

I'm using Best Android Browser right now. I'm short in cash right now though. Browser for Android Phone happened. Remember, I believe Best Browser for Android has been a blessing. We'll take this time where things aren't going poorly. Best Browser for...


I think Puffin is the best Android browser. It is very fast and has a lot of additional features.

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Why does android need to be  ported to each phone/device? What stops android from having a common version given all android phones use the ARM architecture?

Why can't it be done when it is possible in case of desktop operating systems? Desktop operating systems usually work out of the box on all x86/x64 powered devices despite being manufactured by different vendors. Why can't this be done with android?...


The difference between windows and android on this issue is as foll...

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Are there certain restrictions for the default/native Java Packages/Classes an Android App can use? (Please read description)

I am trying to make a Finance Android App where the user can enter a stock symbol (AAPL) and the current price and other information about the price shows up. Now, I know that the app is crashing/closing on the Android Emulator because of the objects...


Yes, there may be differences. The Android Java library is not based on the Java SE library. Only the...

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Why i cant download or use apps that are not on the android market?

Hi I'm just asking how I can download or use apps that are not from the android market on my xperia x10 for example I'm trying to root my android because I have the 1.6 android software and I found online That I can root my phone using the app called...


It's your versions of android. Upgrade to 2.1 (it's available now) and you can install from anywhere...

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Can I use a samsung Galaxy S cellphone as an Android Player?

If you don't know what an Android Player is, look up, Samsung Android Player 4.0. You'll notice it looks alot like the samsung Galaxy S 4g cellphone. I've wondered if I could take out the sim card and use it as an Android Player. It's my dad's old phone...


Just turn on flight mode

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Embedded Systems: How does one go about creating custom hardware on which to use Android instead of writing firmware from scratch? How much work is it?

Android can be found on remote controls, car stereos, and refrigerators. We want to make a mobile monitoring device using Android. Android might speed up development by providing us with ready-made protocols for the display, touch screen, wireless communications...


For someone who claims "plenty of experience in software, firmware, and hardware engineering"...

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What should I use for Android development, Android Studio or Eclipse?

I am a web developer , trying to learn some android development . Basically i am a noob with android ............ Also i work with 2 gb ram , so android studio kinda freezes


You should probably stick with Eclipse for now since Android Studio is not even at version 1.0 (read...

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Which files should I use to use Chromium as a webview for Android?

There's this android_webview directory in the source code of Chromium: For speed, I want to use it instead of the default webview in Android. I built Chromium for Android ( AndroidBuildInstructions...


It isn't as simple as copying a few .so files into your application resource directory. You have built...

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What open source free library android application developer can use to build android application faster and reduce UI development effort?

I found android simulator slow so want to know if any library available which can show an application run on desktop and make it same on android. Also if i can make development fast using build in function of library. I am confortable in java and would...


You can also purchase ready to use ui and implement it in your projects (

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