How will the search rank get impacted if i move my mobile website to a single page application?

Let’s learn how will the search rank get impacted if i move my mobile website to a single page application. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Webmasters.

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How will search rankings get impacted if I move my mobile website to a single page application?

I have two different versions of my site: a desktop version, and a mobile optimised version. That is, for the same URL, the server renders different HTML for different user agents. I had been using vary header for this scheme as recommended by Google. However, now I want to move the mobile website to a single page application. I want to know if Google stops seeing anything on my mobile web version but the desktop version continues to work as it is, then how would the search rank be impacted given...


So I assume by application you mean iOS & Android app? Then to me it seems that you sacrifice your...

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QUESTION: I am using2007 ThroughVisual Basic I need to go to but I would like the link to change based on the text of specific cells...


My answer was not intended as the entire code. In your original question, you already had Set IE =...

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Choosing a web analystics program

I need help selecting a web analytics solution. My company has a website that consists of tens of thousands of pages. Each page is similar in format (think eBay) and we want to be able to track certain things about how users interact with the site ...


Hi again, Here are four very good Analytic solutions with links to 6 others reviewed by Network Computing...

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Is AAP of Arvind Kejriwal a KAP Khaas Admi Party?

http://surajitdasgupta.blogspot.... Khaas Aadmi Party                                    written by Surjit dasgupta ,spokesperson of AAP (resigned recently)                   The AAP's bluff of representing the ordinary citizen must be called. In timeArvind...


no,I guess its totally different but yes,the views and notions and the pomises are same.

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Whenever a website 404's, I get an annoying search page?

I've wanted to fix this forever, and have tried recently, but there doesn't seem to be any information on removing this small problem when I search google. The contents of this search page: Sorry, the page you have requested cannot be found. Please re...


If this same page appears on any website that 404s, either your ISP or a browser plugin/toolbar is hijacking...

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How do I rank high in google search with a single page website?

I have a single page website and I want to rank high in Google search for 4 different keywords. Is there any other way to do it without adding a lot of text in my page?


Ranking high with a single page site isn't any different than ranking high with a multi-page site, outside...

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How to get good Search engine and page rank ?

How many ways are there to get good page rank and search engine rank ? Please give me some valuable and worth full suggestions.


Hi John. Its quite simple really, you'll need to make sure you have plenty of other websites/blogs/forums...

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How to improve my website's page rank on any search engine?

I have my business website for over three months now. I noticed that I search for over twenty page on any search engine and cannot find my site. Mind you, my site it up because if I more


The first thing a search engine looks for is the page title. Then you need to make sure your chosen...

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How to get one website page to the top of search engines.?

Ok i just want to know, how am i suppose to get one page, of my website like one article, because i run a blog, how can i get one single page to the top,


you pay a LOT of money to the search engine

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How can I improve my website page rank on search engines for free?

I added to google base and added the google bot to my page. But when I do a search, I am not showing up at all when I should be.


I actually run a public search engine optimization knowledge database at, all...

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