I'm having problems with my Windows live messenger?

Let’s learn i'm having problems with my Windows live messenger. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by wiki.answers.com.

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I have no idea how to even use this website... Anyway, everytime I turn the computer on I have to keep...

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HELP!! Windows live messenger problems!!! 10points!!!!?

When I try to log onto windows live messenger, all it says is "Sorry you don't have permission to use Windows live Messenger because your account needs to be verified by an adult" OK so i do that, but during when there asking you these questions...


First, your mother needs to call her credit card company and put them on alert. Windows Live/MSN has...

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Problems with Windows Live Messenger?

Has anyone else been getting problems with windows live messenger live? Everytime my contacts send me a message im just in the middle of writing back to them and it crashes and says ...show more


here's the solution; Either update to 8.5 if you aren't updated: http://get.live.com/messenger OR if...

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Problem with windows live messenger 2011?

Iv just dowloaded windows live messenger 2011 but im having unusual problems with it. For some reason when i open it all of the writing seems messed up. It looks like pixels are appearing in the wrong places on the screen becuase there are little black...


Isn't that more a problem with your Monitor or Graphics Card?

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Creative live! cam voice windows live messenger problems?

ok so i i installed this and got the vista update and on the studio thing i can see myself but when i go on windows live messenger i try to do a video call and it doesn't show me i looked at a list of devices that are compatible with windows live messenger...


It would have been useful to tell us which model webcam you have, not just the range. Anyway, this should...

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I have problems with the new windows live messenger 9.0 , i can't see the nickname's colors all i see is codes?

i've downloaded the newest version of messenger , the windows live messenger 9.0 (2009) and added the windows plus! live messenger, version but still i can't see ...show more


re download it!!

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Windows live messenger problems...help plzz?

Ok, i have Windows 7 Beta, and the new version of Windows Live Messenger. And evreytime i tried to sign in, i kept getting the message "WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER HAS STOPPED ...show more


Your asking us, what is wrong with this picture, did you read all if the beta testing ! they plainly...

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Windows Live Messenger Problems HELPP!!!?

hi, i recently installed the newest windows live messenger. that all worked fine. once the installation was complete windows live messenger opened up, so i typed in my email and password and clicked sign in. once i clicked sign in, it just suddenly stopped...


i think there are some with it when on Windows Vista. You could try using Windows Messenger its almost...

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Problems installing/uninstalling windows live messenger?

Ok this is annoying. I've been given a computer with msn messenger 7.5 and windows messenger. I want to install the latest version of windows live messenger, as i cant use msn 7.5 ...show more


Try doing a system restore and choose the date when you didn't install MSN messenger 7.5

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What should I do about Windows Live Messenger and all its problems?

Lately, Windows Live Messenger has given me allot of problems. One of which, is unexplained freezing. I upgraded my messenger to 2011 messenger, but I HATE it, so re-downloaded the ...show more


I had the same issue…I Know it well. You need to reinstall MSN again and download System Cleaner...

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