Is It Possible to Connect a PC to a TV?

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Is it possible to connect my PC to a CRT Tv, i have a TV out card on the pc?

but the Tv only has the bog standard scart socket, i recently bought an S-Video lead, which plugs into the video out, and also bought a scart adapter for the tv which connects to the more


you have to change the display settings on your computer under properties...

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Is this way possible to connect pc to tv?

I have a computer that only has PCI slot, I want it to connect to the tv. My tv only have red, white and yellow cable. Is it possible to buy a graphic card with tv out and a cable to convert it to rca?


Yes, that will work.

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Is it possible, or even worthwhile, to connect my PC to my 57 inch LCD TV?

I love playing pc games and I built my own computer. I am worried that in order to make this sort of a connection you would have to have an overhaul of a graphics card? If you can more


get a video card with a s video out put and your tv must have one also and you will see your video on...

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Connect MSI Wind Top PC to LG LCD TV?

I'm trying to connect an LG 32" LCD TV and an MSI desktop PC using HDMI, and I'm running into a snag. The TV refuses to recognize the PC, and I'm not entirely sure why. Can anyone help me figure out how this is supposed to work? I currently have...


From the specs for the Wind Top and the review you linked to, it looks like the HDMI port on your PC...

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Is there a way to connect my security cameras to my pc and lcd TV at the same time ?

Hi all i have 4 security cameras around the building and they are all connected right now to my pc with RG59 Cable , and they are recorded 24 hours a day 356 days a year . my question is , can i watch my cameras on my lcd tv at the same time that i am...


yes you can but it`s a little hard, ask a technician and whoever helps you with that needs to see the...

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Can use my home PC network to connect to my TV? I want one wireless router to connect to PC's and TV's?

I have 3 PC's and an X-box to hook up and 2 TV's, I'd like to just send hook up the PC's and X box and broadcast the TV signal to the TV's can this be done with one Router? I don't care to see my files on my PC. Will Network bridges just allow me to...


No tv signals don't travel via network without conversion. to watch tv on your pc, you need a tv to...

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How do I connect PC/TV/Surround sound so they all play nice together?

A year ago, I bought a new TV with HDMI capability and hooked it up to my PC to work as a monitor (with a straight HDMI cable connection). IT. IS. AWESOME. I just moved into a new place with more room and now want to connect my surround sound system...


Wow, lots of folks are getting this terribly wrong. The SPDIF (whether optical or coaxial) is physically...

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How do i connect both my gaming pc and my xbox to one tv?

I just bought this new gaming pc-… and a 32" Tv. None of them came with any cables apart from the power. How do I connect them both so it works? And How would i go about plugging my pc into my 32"...


If your tv doesn't have enuf inputs you buy a switch which can accommodate your necessary types of inputs...

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Please Help!!! Facing problems to connect videocon D2H to PC via external TV Tuner?

Please Help!!! Facing problems to connect videocon D2H to PC via external TV Tuner? Want to connect videocon D2H to PC I called Videcon D2H customer care and got a negative response as "you cannot connect Videcon D2H to PC even through TV tuner...


an external TV BOX will ALWAYS work with every set top box , U dont need a PC for that Is your compaq...

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How to connect Home Theather, PC, PS3 and TV each other?

Hello, I have a PS3 with 1 AV Multi Out, 1 Digital Optical Audio Out and 1 HDMI out I also have a HD TV with 3 USB, 1 Digital Optical Audio Out, Audio In, 4 HDMI in, AV in, Component in and SCART, 1 PC in I also have Home Theather System with SCART out...


1: Connect PC to TV using PC out (from pc) to PC in (TV) or use HDMI option. 2: Connect PS3 to TV using...

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