Is there a TV better or similar to the KURO?

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Where's the best place to get a new PIONEER KURO TV in the uk?

im thinking of getting a pioneer kuro 9th generation plasma tv but i dont know where the best place is to get one in the uk and they must do free delivery,, thanks the reason i want a pioneer tv is that they are the best tv's you can get and they are...


The place Ive added in the link does them with free delivery.I had my Sony surround system from there...

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Pioneer Kuro 42" Plasma TV - Is it any good? HD Ready or Full HD?

I want to replace my 10 year old tube with a new flat, high definition TV, preferably a plasma! The vendor has shown me the Pioneer Kuro 42"! It looks really nice, but I'm not sure wether it's a "true" HDTV or not because the resolution...


I suggest you pick up the most recent copy of Consumer Reports. They do a whole section on flat panel...

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Pioneer Kuro Plasma TV without sound?

Hi,I've just bought a new Pioneer Kuro Plasma TV pdp LX5090. It has a picture but now sound. Does anyone know, if the TV is without speakers? And if it is so, I need perhaps the more


I don't know about that model, but we have a PRO-151FD Elite Kuro, and it comes with detachable side...

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Which tv is better sony bravia xbr 70'' lcd or elite kuro plasma 60''?

which is better for blu ray movies and which is better for xbox 360 and playstation 3 video games


The Pioneer Elite Kuro is still the best tv in the market. The sony 70" is a new comer and has...

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Pioneer elite kuro 60 and upscaling?

Hi, I just bought the 60" Pioneer elite Kuro PRO-150FD and was wondering if it is better to let the TV upscale Standard Definition television or let my Denon 3080 AVR Receiver do the upscaling? Or should I let something else do the upscaling? btw...


I guess it all depends on what you're using to get your cable. If you're using a cable or sat box you...

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Which tv is better I really need to know. I need a tv that has almost or perfect colors for a not to expensive?

Which tv is better the Samsung FPT5084 or the Panasonic TH50PZ77U? I need a professional advise. and is there any were were I can buy a forty something inch pioneer kuro? I know more


They make a 42" up to a 60" Pioneer Kuro they have been voted the best buy of 2008 Looks pretty...

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What is a better buy for a first plasma tv?

As a first plasma tv i want a tv that will last long and won't get out dated pretty quick. ( I have been looking at the Pioneere Tv like the 60" Kuro and Elite. Also, the more


I agree. The next model of Pio Elites will have what is called infinite black levels. While the older...

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Monster HDMI cable. Worth it? I'm buying the new Pioneer Elite Kuro.?

Buying a Pioneer Kuro Elite, Pro-111FD. I've heard that spending a hundred bucks for an HDMI cable is a rip off, even for the Monster brand. I've read on that it's not necessary to spend that and it's a rip. Said that you can buy ones for $...


No, absolutely not. High-dollar interconnects, be it audio or video, are the biggest scam in the A/V...

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50" Plasma TV: Panasonic Vs. Samsung?

I have been debating on this for about a month now and still can't decide which one to choose... The dilemma started when I found out my budget is kind of limited now that I cannot reach out for a Pioneer Kuro (was my first choice initially, and as being...


I was in your shoes about a month and a half ago. I was reaching for the Pioneer 5020FD and Panasonic...

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Pioneer kuro 50" 9g best price ?

i need help ...does anyone know where i can get A good deal on this tv with a 5 year garantee..preferably under £ pdp lx5090 kuro 1080p plasma tv


Just take a look what I found on Pricerunner.… and check...

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