Are there any speakers with an audio input similar to a tv?

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How do I connect my stereo audio speakers to my digital audio input on my TV.?

I have a cheap speaker system consisting of a subwoofer and two small speakers. The main control on the system has a single cable (green) that is supposed to plug in to wherever. Right now I just plug it into my iPod/Laptop. I want to connect it to my TV but my TV only has a connection for a digital audio cable. How do I connect these speakers to my TV?


Your TV should have both a digital and an analog audio output. The analog audio should be in the form...

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My TV doesnt have an optical audio input...and neither do my speakers. Is there a way to using optical audio?

My TV doesn't have an optical audio input ( im using a Gateway FHD2400 monitor)...and neither do my speakers. Is there a way to use optical audio? Is there like some type of converter...i'd be using it for use with a PS3 an Xbox 360. The PS3 has an optical...


With an xbox 360 you need an adapter to use an optical out with the adapter will have a component and...

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Connect two RCA audio outputs (L and R speaker outputs) from TV to a digital optical input on speakers?

TV has two RCA analog speaker outputs. Powered speakers have optical, coaxial and one set of 5.1 surround sound analog (front, back, subwoofer) audio inputs for a total of 3 inputs. Already using coaxial input for DVD player and 5.1 surround sound inputs...


They should sell a stereo to coax or optical conveter. Don't know how easy they are to find or how cheap...

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How Do I connect pc amplified speakers to tv audio input?

I am assuming I need a Y adapter to connect the mini phone stereo phone plug that is on the PC speakers to a left and right phono jacks..


That would work. But I would PREFER the amp-speakers be connected to the TV set's AUDIO OUTPUT rather...

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My tv has no speakers or an audio input?

I have recently purchased a PHILIPS flat screen 24 inch tv for my pc. since its full HD and the view is great i wanted to plug my XBOX 360 to it instead of my old METZ HD ready crappy more


hello i think it is a monitor not a tv....

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How do I use external TV speakers for more than one input?

I'm currently using some computer speakers for my TV, but they only work for when the input is set to Component, which is what I use for my Xbox. Every time I want to watch regular TV I have to switch it to the standard TV speakers, which have poor sound...


I would think you have AUDIO OUT, plug in your red and white male plugs into these ports, then everything...

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New tv with only rca jack inputs Y/R/W . speakers with wire input.?

how do i hook up to the tv directly without a receiver. rca jack input on tv and wire input on speakers


You can't hook up the speakers without an integrated amplifier (preamplifier/amplifier combination)...

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If I connect a TV into a Stereo's Auxiliary Input, will the sound come through the stereo's speakers?

I want to buy a stereo with an auxiliary input function. My only question is, does it work with a television? Like if I get a connection cable and put it into the television's headphone speakers outlet and connect the other end to the stereo's auxiliary...


the answer to that is a yes if your tv also has right and left output rca jacks and the receiver has...

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maybe they are but I never thought about it but thanks anyway

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