What is the maximum input charge for a PSP?

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Can a PSP charge both 110 Voltage and 220 Voltage power without blowing up??? The input says it is 100 - 220V

I am in Taipei and want to charge it in China, The power is NOT the same. Taiwan power - 110 China - 220


If the input says 110 - 220 (50 ~ 60 Hz), yes you can. ALternately, you can get a transformer in China...

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Why CANT i charge my battery THROUGH my psp anymore??

i own the normal psp(fat) i have two problems. problem #1 - whenever i try to plug in my psp to charge via ac adapter, or the one i plug into the wall, it wont charge the battery. the orange light never comes on, and for some reason i can no longer charge...


sony made it this way say they can make more money by making you by more of their accessories or a new...

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My psp battery won't charge and it only works if the AC Cable is plugged into the PSP.Why?

Ok, so I brought my psp on a trip to California. I played it for about 6-8 hours before it died. So I plugged it in. Then I played it again, played until the battery died both times. Then, the second time it died, the psp wasn't charging. It had the...


most likely its a bad battery try replacing the battery and see if that works :)

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Is there a way to charge my psp from a usb cable if the psp is dead?

Ok. My psp's battery is dead and I can't charge it with a usb cable cause i can't go to the usb connection on my psp. So is there anyway that I can automatically put the psp into usb mode so that it will charge cause i'm not really sure where my psp...


if you have a fat psp-nope if you have a slim, and you dont have the usb charge enabled, then nope if...

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PSP will not charge and no charge light is indicated?

Is it my battery or the psp. Worked fine 4 hours ago and then I went to charge it again and when I plug it in the charge light will not come on and it does not charge. PSP or battery?


send it back if the warenty is still good and they will fix it

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Did I fry my PSP by trying to connect a 6 volt charger into its 5 volt charge hole?

I tried to charge my psp in a ghetto fashion the other day. I tried to manually wire a 6 maybe 7 volt wall charger into the psp's battery system. Now I found the 5v charger that goes with the PSP but the PSP won't turn on now. What did I specifically...


You've probably just blown a fuse (and voided the warranty too). It's a pretty easy repair, but probably...

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How to charge a psp without the psp charger???

Ok I lost my psp charger but i want to play my psp really bad and i dont have a way to buy another one so i was wondering if there is another way to charge it


You really need to have the end that fits into the psp in order to charge it safely. You *might* be...

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Psp won't take a charge, what can I do?

Right, basically, my PSP won't take a charge at all (It's the old phat psp). It's not the battery, cause I tried it on another PSP. It's not the charger cause I have a few and once again tried on the other psp. Ps. If you're gonna tell me to do something...


Take it to a repair shop and ask for advice, or a quote.

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How to charge dead psp with usb?

my psp's battery is out of charge so my psp wont turn on at all. i only have a usb charger and i cant charge it since i have to turn the psp on and go to usb connection so it charges. is there a way around this?


yes there is but its risky. ok you can modify the psp so it would charge witha usb. i know what you...

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Can I charge my PSP even if its not yet low battery?

I have a PSP 3000 slim Question: Can I charge my PSP even if its not yet low battery? (example. its 2 bars or 1 bar can I charge it then? I am afraid it will damage or make my PSP ...show more


No, it will not weaken when you charge. I have a psp 3000 too and from experience, you can charge it...

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