Is there such a thing as a reputable company where you can work from home?

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How to Find a Legitimate Work at Home Job -

Interested in finding a legitimate work from home job that's not a scam? ... There are legitimate work from home jobs available. ... Research the company.

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So.. is there just no such thing as a ligit work from home company?

I am exhausted from looking at all the different "work at home" sites...I am a stay at home mom who would like to bring extra income in for my family and daycare completely cancels out my leaving the house to go to work. I am more than willing...


Unless you have very specific skills, such as graphic design, web design, computer programming, there...

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I was sent home early from work...?

So last week I requested PTO. I was informed that I might not have any, it was gone on Jan 1. I was not allowed to take PTO for the last 45 days of 2011 and I was never approached or informed that my PTO was going bye bye. My Boss says I signed a paper...


you will either be paid SOON for your PTO, Or you will be fired, Its one or the other.

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Home Health Care having problems getting insurance company to pay up, Help?

My family and I put together and started a Home Health Care Agency. We have been in business for about 22 months now. We have done really well setting the company up. The company has about 65 to 70 clients every month. We employ about 45 people which...


Send them to collections, hire an attorney or seek one out who will pick up your case pro bono and make...

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Online work from home.?

Hi I'm 16 and looking to work from home because i have school and where i live there's no job hiring right now and need a job and hear work at home is a good thing to do when u have things to juggle. What is a good work at home that works and does anyone...


CNN had a report on this. They found that more than 99% of these Work at Home Sites were scams - pure...

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Stay at home Dad ready to go back to work?

For the past 4 years i have been a stay at home dad for 2 kids, we have a third but she is already in school. As much as i love being at home with my kids, i need a change plus my wife's pay cheque isn't enough anymore I have alot of anxiety getting...


Use the functional resume format rather than the chronological format. That means you group your experience...

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Heavy Excel user ISO work-from-home setup

I'm looking for recommendations on a home-office setup that will eliminate the need for going into the office on weekends. My home computer is a bare-bones HP Envy laptop, which just doesn't cut it compared to my desktop + dual-monitor setup at work...


YMMV, but I have found generally that one giant monitor is no replacement for several small ones. There...

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How to manage tax when you work from home?

Hi i am beginning to work from home as of money as an appointment maker for a solar power company and a property investment company too i do know that i have to get a abn and tfn number my problem i get paid every 4-6 wks and am not sure how to work...


you can deduct those expenses because you will be working from home.

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Those of you who could do this: If you were offered to work from home using your computer, would you do it?

Many companies allow some employees to work from home. My company wants to introduce this strategy now in order to contribute to commuter traffic reduction in my city. We calculated that traffic volume would decline by about 20% overall if all workers...


too many distractions at home. I would probably work in by skivvies, which would probably make me less...

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My husband is puking his guts out at work, but says he can't come home? Is that normal for a manager?

My husband is an assistant manager at a retail store. He is so sick right now, he is puking his guts out. He called home to ask me to pray for him because he is so weak. I told him he has two weeks of sick days, so use one! He said, "You don't understand...


All he is accomplishing is getting everyone else ill too, including his customers. He is so insecure...

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