What Is A Free Online School, Where You Can Work At Your Own Pace?

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What Is A FREE Online School, Where You Can Work At Your ...

What Is A FREE Online School, Where You Can Work At Your Own Pace? ... A free go at your own pace online homeschool? Does anyone know of a good, ...


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You can work at your own pace and they offer real diplomas. Two credible programs are K12 and Connections...

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Is Texas k12 Online Public School work at your own pace? Can I graduate early?

I am a junior in high school. I plan on completing this school year and attending Texas Virtual School (through k12) in the fall for my senior year. I was wondering if I would be able ...show more


Why don't you go ahead and enroll in college for the fall term through dual enrollment/early entry?...

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If i attend high school online, will i be able to work at my own pace?

Is it possible to graduate earlier, and if i need papers to be signed by counselors for certain programs, how would i get them signed???


If you are actually homeschooled and are just using online coursework, your parents are your school...

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Whats the name of the famous boarding school in UK that lets children work at there own pace when they want?

A man discovered an alternative way of teaching children, by letting them learn when they want. Then he opened a school. I thought it was called something Hill. I think it was in the 60's.


Summerhill. There are other schools with very similar philosophies in the US. Sudbury schools, and Free...

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According to the website the EHS expect students to complete a quarter class within six months and be...

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What else can I help you with?

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As a top high school student, how can I deal with depression and frustration stemming from the fact that high school has largely been an unenjoyable waste of time for me?

I have been struggling with this problem for a while, and I feel as though it has really been negatively affecting many areas of my life. I'm simply wasting away hours upon hours of my life in American public high school, and it both angers and depresses...


You're certainly not the only high school student who feels this way. I, too, agree with you. I won...

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How to convince a stubborn mom to let me do online school. l cant take high school anymore please help me?

the reason why l dont like school, is because lm treated awful. l have a very shallow snobby staff who give me attitude when l try ask for help, because they dont like how l look l can see it in their faces, same for students, l am ugly l cant help it...


See a therapist or your school councler they can figure out what might Help. Maybe you can get on some...

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