Is this a good idea for a non-profit organization?

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Would this be a good idea for a non-profit organization?

I'd like to call it "Walk a Mile in Your shoes" Basically it's going to be about getting shoes for people all of the world that have none. Over half of the world more


It's a fine idea. One that other people have already had. If you do even a quick internet search on...

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Nonprofit Organization Ideas..Best Idea 10 points:)?

I.want to change the world for the better, and I want to do so with a nonprofit organization. However im at a loss for ideas...give me your best idea, all serious ones please. :)


There's a lot more involved in starting a non-profit organization than selecting a cause. It can be...

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How do I start an Organization? Is it a good idea for an organization?

Hello. So I have recently come up with the idea that i want to start my own Non for Profit Organization/charity type program. I just graduated high school in June, and during my more


There's much more to this than you think. A nonprofit is a corporation, just like General Motors, or...

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What is a good idea for for asking someone to donate property for a Non profit organization?

I have a small not for profit organization, but we are at the moment meeting in a community room of a complex. There is some open property/ a small building and small apartments that I see great potential in that is across from where we meet, that would...


Now that it has been placed in a realtors hand, you must go through them because the owner signed a...

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What's a good idea for an event; to raise money for a golf organization that helps young people?

For my PR assignment I need to come up with an event that needs to raise $100,000 for a Non Profit organization. The organization instills values in young people and teach life lessons through golf. I know the most obvious thing is to hold a golf tournament...


Why not emulate the First Tee program which helps inner city kids ? Then you solicit donations from...

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What would be a good idea for a non-profit organization?

I want to start a charity but I don't know what I want to do. I know the steps that need to be taken to start a successful organization but I'm stuck on step 1: The idea.. more


How about a charity that donates/purchases airplane tickets for soldiers in active front lines to come...

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Good idea for non-governmental organization?

I need to come up with my own non-governmental organization that deals with one of the following topics for school: Hiv/Aids, Global Warming/Alternative energy, Food more


I'll do your homework if you do mine?

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What's one good non-profit organization idea?

I have a Bachelor's in Finance and Psychology; I like to help people. I've always wanted to start a non-profit organization, I just don't know which field. Got any more


If you like people you may have done missions work.Unfortunately public school kids who would benefit...

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Would it be a good idea to make a superhero organization?

Can you please list the pro's & con's of this idea? Everyone will wear completely bullets proof armor( full body), other abilities maybe provided, depends on research section(which will no doubt result in upgrades) this may all sound childish but...


best idea ever, i heard of people that dressed up in Brooklyn and "patrolled" the streets.

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How can I get a good idea of how over 100 database tables in my organization's production database relate?

Using ms sql server 2008 reporting. Maybe visually? Or in the form of typed documentation? What is a good way to begin documentation myself that would be useful in the future for a systems manager?


You should mention what database system you are working with.  This will help you get really specific...

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