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Moving from Canada to US?

I have a friend who is on a work visa in the US (whose Visa expires in 2011). He wants to marry a girl who lives and works in Canada(but is not a citizen of canada). Is it possible for the girl to move to US and for them to be able to live in US for a long time?


That depends on where the girl is originally from. If she is an American citizen, than yes, they can...

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Moving from US to Canada?

Okay so my girlfriend is planing on moving up to live with me in Canada from the US next November and we have no idea what to do... I know someone just can not go from the US to Canada and just live there so what do we need to let that happen so she...


You may sponsor her (as a spouse, common law partner or conjugal partner) to come to Canada as a permanent...

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I'm moving to the US from Canada. I will be paid a bonus at the new job. How do I not get taxed in Canada?

When you complete your tax returns how does each country tax you on your marginal rates? Assume I earn $100K in Canada over seven months and $200K in the US over five months - does making more money in the US cause higher tax rates in Canada? What if...


Canada taxes on residency. Residents are taxed on worldwide income, while non-residents are taxed on...

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US Citizen moving to Canada - Tax Situation - need ideas and suggestions!?

My wife , kids and I are US Citizens moving to Toronto since my wife has a new job there. I currently do not have a good comfort level of understanding of how the taxes can be worked out. Here is our situation: - wife - US citizen living in and working...


I agree with much of what Ontario CGA says. Canada taxes on residency while the U.S. taxes on both residency...

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Moving to Canada from the US?

I am currently a legal citizen of the US and I am dating someone who lives in Canada. In several months he will be moving from Ontario to Alberta and I would like to move up to Alberta with him when he does. I have tried doing some research on how the...


For starters, the job situation in Alberta isn't nearly as good as it was a few years ago. Before he...

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US Citizen (Nevada Resident) moving to Canada - Tax Strategy / Ideas?

I have a completely virtual, web-based business located in Nevada, where I currently reside. I would like to move to Canada, but I'm unsure of how to best organize my taxes. I do not own property in Nevada. - I heard about some type of exemption for...


Your question contains some complexities that may be best answered by someone with Canadian AND American...

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Moving to Europe from the US & Canada...?

I see a lot of posts from people wanting to move to Europe from the US & Canada, but how many people are moving out of Europe now? It seems like things are worse there than here in the US & Canada? I would like to know what College Grads are...


I dont know about the other countries but I see here people from the US and Canada here lots. They work...

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Startup Law: Does moving a company from the US to Canada constitute tax complications?

As a pre-revenue startup incorporated in Delaware, are there any tax hits that will be dealt with moving the company to Canada (Ontario specifically)? This is a startup that has received seed investment in the US (where investors have 'OKed' the transfer...


To preface my answer, I am not aware of Canadian tax law, so I do not know the tax implications there...

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Moving to Canada from the US - question about renting an apartment

I am finishing my Ph.D this month and will be moving to Canada for a post-doc position. The town where I will be moving to has a VERY tight rental market and from what I have heard, apartments rent within hours of being posted on the local rental websites...


I recommend getting an account at a Canadian based bank, TD (Toronto Dominon) has branches in the us...

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I am moving into the usa from canada, i am a us citizen and a landed immigrant in canada.?

I booked a moving team to move my stuff back to the usa. To my knowledge I have to precede my goods into the usa. So my question is, can i cross the border before my goods, then come back to canada for a couple more weeks, or do I have to complete my...


Your question is part Customs, part immigration. As they are two completely different subjects, I won...

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