What stamps to use mailing from the US to Canada?

Let’s learn what stamps to use mailing from the US to Canada. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Mailing Canada to US - how many stamps, what value?

I should probably know this... heh Sending something to VA in the US from Ontario, how many stamps of what value should I put on the envelope? Oh, and if you know, how long do you think it would take? =] I'm using Canada Post.


Go to www.canadapost.ca. Go to the rate calculator and enter the weight and dimensions of your package...

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US Postal Service requires use of US stamps.

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Mailing Letter from Canada to usa, 10 pts?

I want to mail a letter to USA, how much would it cost, and can I use Canada Post Stamps Also If im mailing letter to florida how long would it take to go there


A quick visit to the Canada Post website would give you this information. You are computer savvy enough...

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I have met similiar problem before, here list of sites http://webfin4.notlong.com/2AAnTHV

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Can i use 2 within canada stamps to mail a letter to usa?

i have tons of those 61 cents stamps for mailing within canada, but not enough for a lettter to usa they are 1.05 . i was wondereing if i could stick on 2 of the whitin canada stamps for aletter to usa since its the same amount. and will they return...


that will be ok

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Can I use local Canadian stamps to send a postcard from Canada to the USA?

Okay, letter-posts stamps to the USA is worth CAD 1 while local stamps are CAD 0.57. What if I used 2 local stamps (CAD 0.57 each) to make CAD 1. I know there's an excess 14 cents ...show more


You always use stamps from the country you are sending FROM. In your case, as you are mailing from Canada...

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Can i use canada stamps for a return postage from the states?

im sending a letter to the u.s from canada, but inside im sending a returning self addressed enveloped with the canada stamps would that be right? or am i doing something wrong... dont mind the category, i have no idea what to put it under


No, you can not. A letter mailed from the US to Canada must have US postage on it. If you put Canadian...

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Can I use two "Forever" stamps to mail letter to Canada?

I got conflicting info from different post office people. One said I can't use two "Forever" stamps (the ones for domestic mails without denomination value shown) to send letter to Canada, the other said I can. Who's right?


You CAN use 2 Forever Stamps to mail letters to Canada.

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Can I use U.S. stamps to mail postcards from Canada to U.S.? What's the price?

I'm an American going on a trip to Canada and would like to bring stamps to use to mail postcards to friends back home rather than try to find a place to buy them there. Thanks.


You'll need Canadian stamps...the current rate to send a postcard or letter to the USA is actually ...

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How many FOREVER stamps should I use for International mailing?

I Need to send a letter to Paraguay and i have a lot of FOREVER stamps, how many do I need?


The postage for a letter to Paraguay is now 98 cents. A Forever stamp's value is now 44 cents. If all...

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