Should I be a diagnostic medical sonographer?

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What is the differnce between an ultrasound technician and a diagnostic medical sonographer?

ive been wanting to do something in the medical field for a while now, and i really want to do something with the ultrasound machines. i read online that a diagnostic medical sonographer only does the ultrasounds and a physician does the actual talking...


You cannot diagnose a patient, unless you are a doctor. A radiologist is a medical doctor who will interpert...

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Is Radiologic Technology A.A.S. the same as Ultra Sound Tec or diagnostic medical sonographer?

I want to start classes in the fall for diagnostic medical sonographer. I went to a college and they told me to enroll in the Radiologic Tec for A.A.S. Upon reading the classes and prereq, it doesn't look anything like the classes needed for ultra sound...


Radiologic Technology is not the same as Sonography. RT's perform Xrays, Sonographers perform ultrasounds...

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Question about becoming a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer?

I'm looking into becoming a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.I got some info today froma school close to where i live, they told me it would be a total of 48000 for 25 months of more


DO NOT pay that much. That's outrageous. Find another program:

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Diagnostic medical sonographer questions?

what can I expect my salary to be if I'm a diagnostic medical sonographer in the mid-Michigan area? also, what kind of benefits does that job have? and if there are any more


for salary ranges, and where are hiring, a good site is they are very good and show the...

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What is it like being a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer?

I am interested in becoming a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. Any information on the schooling and the occupation would be greatly appriciated!


Core Tasks -Explain the procedure to patients and get them in position -Spread gel over the area of...

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Diagnostic Medical Sonographer in San Jose, CA?

I'm currently a junior in high school and I'm starting to plan my future. i'm interested in becoming a diagnostic medical sonographer but i'm not 100% sure. i more


You can just call the hospital and ask to be transferred to the ultrasound department (if that doesn...

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What type of associates degree would I need to become a diagnostic medical sonographer?

I'm currently attending communtiy college and I want to know what type of associates degree would I need to become a diagnostic medical sonographer? or what types of associates more


Depends You will be needing either bachlerous or associates

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Which choice is better, Radiology Tech or Diagnostic Medical Sonographer?

So i have the chance to choose one or the other between going to school for Rad Tech or Diagnostic Med. Sonographer. Here in my state Rad techs start out making 49k a year, where a more


Which is better depends on the individual. Personally, sonography wasn't for me. If you can do both...

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Is it necessary to memorize all the medical term to become a diagnostic medical sonographer?

I am taking my medical terminology which i have gone over a bit in high school but just wondering how much of it do we actually use in this career?


Well, you won't necessarily use drug ones, but you will use a great deal of them.

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Can you pursue a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer career without performing a Gynecologic Ultrasound?

I was looking to pursue a career in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. However, I am not fond of the idea of performing a Gynecologic Ultrasound or, hmm how should I put this, any sort of more


you have to take the good with the bad. If you're trained to do it all then you do it all. If you didn...

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